I really feel upset because one of my favorite show “ House MD has been taken off from the Netflix website due to some copyright issues. My other favorite shows are Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, River dale and much more. We have tried to make your work less callous as possible by trying to juggle through some of the best action-packed dramas to heartfelt romantic series so as to curate the best list for you all. Scroll down below for a roller-coaster ride.

Here is a line up of some of the shows you should definitely watch on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why


This show has been talked about a lot on twitter lately. It talks about real-time issues that people usually face which eventually lead to depression and anxiety and pushes a person to suicide. The show talks about how a girl kills herself after she is bullied in school and records a tape giving reasons for her suicide. The show is extremely emotional and will engage you till the last episode. It strives to draw our attention towards such mishappenings.

Orange is the new black


This show talks about a girl who wants to start a business of her own and has moved on in life. Unfortunately, her past haunts her back and she is imprisoned. Filled with lots of drama, thrill, and action it actually talks about certain political issues.It shows how much physical, mental and health issues does a prisoner go through.

House of Cards

The show is a political drama and is probably apt for only those people who like watching the plot to disclose slowly. People love the protagonist Frank for his pursuit of power in the political fraternity. A Reddit member believes that the best scene of the show was when Frank got the controversial bill passed in an unbelievable and comical manner.

Stranger Things


The adventure starts after the disappearance of a boy following some supernatural events and scientific happenings. A supernatural event triggers the mishappenings in the town of Hawkins. The scientific thriller is honestly buzz-worthy and a must watch for all.

To the Bone

According to me, this particular series is best for the people who live in an era of emotions inside them. It talks about a 20-year-old girl fighting with her addiction to starve herself. It portrays the emotional state of a person who is suffering from the disease. She acts as a moral supporter of other anorexic patients in her therapy home. It is said that Martin Noxo own eating disorders inspired the plot of the movie.

A series of Unfortunate Events

The story revolves around three orphans Violet, Klaus and Sunny who go on a verge to unveil their family’s dark secrets. Their main aim is to discover the truth behind their parent’s death. The story is thoroughly engaging and is a must watch too.

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