Mother’s day 2018 falls on the 13th of May 2018. Have you really heard all the popular mother’s day songs? Well, if you haven’t until now, you can go through this list and play it on you tube or download it for a mother’s day special surprise. The songs about mothers love are a bunch but choosing the best one is probably a little task because whatever you choose, it should be utterly special and adorable because the song is for the angel of your life. If I had to choose a mothers day song in english for my mom then I would have surely opted for the first on in the list. One sure tip is to learn the mother’s day song’s lyrics because singing while it is being played will enhance the feeling of your gratitude towards her.

You can probably choose any mothers day song from here and download it afterward. You can choose the mothers day song in Hindi or in English just as you like. The country and church songs for mothers day are also very famous. Let us start with our lineup of best songs for mothers day. You can check all of it from here.

1Mom by Meghan Trainor

This song features Meghan Trainor and her sister Kelli Trainor. This song has already been a rage amongst many and you can find lots and lots of mom-daughter dance videos on youtube on this very song. The song is adorable in all senses because ”ain’t nobody got a mom like mine” is the main line of the song which is effing true for everyone out here.

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2Mama’s song by Carrie Underwood

The song starts with a mom explaining what motherhood actually feels like and she is also seen opening a bunch of gifts. The song is really sweet and soft to the ears.

3The Perfect Fan by Backstreet Boys

The familiar and sweet voice of Backstreet boys swooned everybody and swept them off their feet with this innocent mothers day song. You can dedicate this song to your mom and dance with her as well.

4Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera

This song is quite old but yet amazing in every possible sense. The song perfectly thanks mothers for all the things she has done for a child until now.

5Hey Mama by Kanye West

The song is quite hep and rap style and it is close to the singer’s heart that he even cried once during his performance. He assures his mother in the song that he will support her mother when she grows up and she will have to work no more which is very very sweet.

6Mother by Pink Floyd

The band is already so fabulous and so is the song. The video starts with a boy who is sick and calling his mother who isn’t picking the phone. He is thinking about the childhood days when his mother used to cuddle him. The song shows the importance of mothers in our life.

7Look what you have done by Drake

The song is an official tribute to Drake’s mothers from Drake himself and the lyrics looks like he is talking about his own journey and thanking his mother for supporting him throughout.

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