Signature scents are world’s best ways to choose your body fragrance, for instance, floral is most widely used in female fragrances because they are sweet and easily recognizable while men tend to carry a very strong aroma around them because it depicts masculinity. I personally own and love David off cool water eau de toilette, it has a beautiful touch of fruitiness of watermelon and pineapple. A seductive power of feminine lily and blackberry is what makes it stay throughout the day.

Following is the lineup

Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfume

This star shaped bottle is a dream come true for any girl out there. It makes you feel like a queen instantly. Costs $82 and has beautiful notes of Bergamot, Vanilla, honey and warm caramel.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘ Black Opium’ Perfume

It has notes of spicy pink pepper, Mandarin, Cedar wood and Coffee and costs approximately $68 per bottle. This one is perfect for a date night.

Elie Saab Le Parfum For Women

Available for $98 creates an aroma of jasmine, Cedarwood, Rose and Orange Blossom. This is one can take you to a fairyland.

Chanel No.5 L’Eau Women’s Perfume

Costs $100 a bottle, let me tell you a story behind the origin of its name. When Coco Chanel was presented 10 – 20 bottles of formulas and was asked to select the best one. She opted for the no.5th bottle and that’s why it has been named so weirdly.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolute Pure Perfume

This one with a big name has really interesting notes too. It comprises of Juniper, Tang of Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Cypress.You can buy it for $130.

Commodity Rain

Available for $105, it has a very light and airy incense just like the name suggests. Comprises of Lotus, dew, and jasmine gives you a feel of walking in rain.

Maison Margiela Replica Fantasies Dancing on the Moon

Justifying its name, it has a very mysterious fragrance which constitutes Frangipani tree, Iris, Sambac Jasmine, Moonflower, and Aldehyde. It is available for $180.

VERED Blue Violet Perfume

Vegans rejoice, it’s organic and perfect blend of woody and floral and is available for $98.

Juliette has a gun, not a perfume

The name makes me smile every time I read it. Available for $100 at all leading stores, it’s a bliss for those allergic to an essence . Has a single note of Cetalox.

CLEAN Reserve Citron Fig

The look of the bottle is very suggestive of the name absolutely.It costs around $95 and comprises a soft base of sandalwood, fig, ginger, cedar wood, musk, and lemon.

Berdoues Assam Of India

Available for $85 comes with a touch of Indian flavors of tea, Menton, and Sandalwood. The bottle is really pretty with imprints of little multi color Elephants on a yellow background.

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

A pink color bottle with diamond shaped lid above is pie in the sky for every lady out there.It costs $73 and includes notes of Magnolia, Lotus Flower, iced accord, and peony.

Shopping perfumes according to a particular season is a very good idea, you can opt for a flower aroma like that of a rose, carnation, lavender, violets, and blossoms for a day out in summers.You can use a spicy scent for a date night.You should only use stronger scents in case of cooler/winter weather .

Some things to keep in mind while buying a perfume for yourself !

#1 Bring along a friend to assist you and lend a second opinion.

#2 Sniff from the bottle first.

#3 Spray the selected perfume on the blotted sheet and inhale for approximately 10 seconds.

#4 Compare all the samples and take your time.

#5 Don’t apply more than one perfume on the same hand or the scent will start to mix.

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Always remember, perfume is the best form of memory !!!

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