The 30 second trailer of the upcoming comedy digest, “BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom” has been released on the Indian Television that is intended to flame up the interest level of the viewers for the film.

In the teaser, the film has been featured as a combination of 4 naughty characters, 2 crooks and 1 mind boggling film. The ‘4 naughty characters’ include the film’s 4 most experienced actors namely Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Brijendra Kala and Seema Pahwa. These actors are playing the role of these 4 naughty characters which are named as Moti Bagga, Neelam Khanna, Babbu Khan and Lovely Bhai Khanna in the film which are very interesting and humorous names. For the role of crooks, 2 new actors have been presented.

The teaser’s best part is the background music that is used in the teaser which is very energetic and cool. Other punches include Seema’s weird laughter, the struggle of Manoj Pahwa with his motions and farts, ‘O Teri’ bangs by Kala, unusual expressions by Sharma and shock looks of the two crooks during the whole film.

The film’s director Rakesh Chaturvedi  Om stated that his film had received a tremendous response when the first two posters of the film were released. Considering it the right time to add fire to the flame, they released this teaser to bring up the level of heat among the audience.

According to the director, the standard of Indian comedy has been dropping as can be seen from the past records and that is what he wants to bring up. The four characters of the movie are the most interesting part of the film. However, the heroine of the movie has been mysteriously kept away from her first look in the teaser. Chaturvedi said, ‘ The heroine of our movie is a surprise for the audience and that is why we have kept her away from showing in the first, but she will be seen as one of the stars.’

Along with the characters mentioned above, others such as Inshika Bedi, Benjamin Gilani, Ujjwal Rana are also included under the banners such as 9 Productions, RCOM productions and GM Film Productions. The film is ready to visit the audience on the big screens on 5 February 2016.

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