Entertainment Channels are full of reality shows these days. From singing contest to dance platform, they are trying every formula to grab the viewer’s eye. But there is one show that is undoubtedly the king of all the reality shows. Viewers wait for the telecast of this show and even watch the previous seasons of the show. Yeah, you got it right; we are talking about Bigg Boss!

This reality show is one that features a bunch of celebrities from all format, i.e. TV, films, fashion world, etc. The show is popular to bring a unique taste in its each season. After a long wait, the new season of Bigg Boss is going on air. This year we will see sixteen contestants for the cash prize.

The USP of this season is that the reality show will have ordinary people contesting for the title.

Now you will think that what is new in the entry of ordinary citizens in Bigg Boss. It has happened earlier too. But for your information guys, Bigg Boss will welcome half of its contestants from the ordinary people of this country.

Earlier, it was supposed that the entire players of this reality show would be common people. Later, the producers zeroed in on keeping half number of celebrities, and half of the place will be filled up by the selected commoners who have to submit their video on the website. They started calling ordinary people to submit their videos on the channel’s website from the month of April 2016.

Bigg Boss has begun their audition for the slot of ordinary people in the month of April.

The call was for the people who have the spirit of fighting and can go up to any length to make sure they win. People flocked and submitted their videos on the website. We just have to wait for the names of those lucky individuals who got a chance to get the entry in the biggest reality show of India.

Salman Khan is once again hosting the show.

Reportedly, he has lowered his price for this season because he wanted Colors to support his organization ‘Being Human’. He used to charge 7 to 8 crore rupees per episode. His presence added a zing to the show, and that made him host consistently for the seventh time. He joined the show in the fourth season of Bigg Boss. Recently, he appeared in a promo for the show in the attire of an astronaut announcing the participation of common people in the Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss has made the news every time it went on air. The Drama and fight of its contestant become the national news. Be it the rude behavior of Kamaal R Khan or the angry attitude of Siddharth Bhardwaj, be it the unreasonably bossy nature of Dolly Bindra or rowdy Akashdeep Saigal all of them for good reason or bad have made it into the news. So guys, are you ready to see who will be the lucky contestant of Bigg Boss season 10 and what do they have in for the demanding viewers of this reality show.

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