Well, this is what we will see in last week of this month in the ‘hottest wedding of the year’ when television / movie heartthrob Karan Singh Grover and hottest Bong lady of Bollywood, the Jism girl, Bipasha Basu will finally tie a knot. This sexy duo who has been in the news for a while with their dating and often seen together kept their romance under a wrap for a long time.

But now that they are getting married, their fans and family are ecstatic for the couple. With a special Bengali wedding including family and close friends at Bipasha’s residence and later a grand reception in night, the couple would finally be hitched by the end of this month. With other wedding ceremonies like Mehandi on 28th April, we are looking forward to seeing them all dressed up and flaunting, flooding the social media.

In the cutest and adorable wedding invite released by the couple, they look dazzling.

Bips rocked her hot body in a white gown and Karan looks extremely handsome and debonair in his black tuxedo, setting up the high trend in this wedding season.

Met on the sets of movie “Alone” in 2015, the couple was rumored to be dating for a while. When none of them commented about the dating phase in the media, the lovebirds found a perfect way to kill all the rumors with the best news of their wedding and putting all controversy to rest where love prevailed.

After announcing their wedding news, social media would not keep their hands off their pretty Instagram posts and photographs which show the couple totally in love with head over heels and pouring in lots of good wishes to the engaged couple. And after looking at Bipasha’s gorgeous engagement ring which is being flaunted by the actress, one cannot deny the fact that this couple deserves our “awww…..ss” for the moment.

Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and fitness expert Deanne Panday also congratulated them with beautiful pictures along with sweet notes.

Best wishes poured in from all corners for Bips

Even though this is Karan’s third wedding after Shraddha Nigam and Jennifer Winglet and Bipasha’s first, we all hope that this couple lives up to our expectations. And in the prevailing breakup era of the Bollywood, where every couple is getting separated, we all wish this couple a lifetime of happiness and hope that they can have a long lasting marriage and happiness. Surely the couple would rock their wedding making it quite a sensation as it is now.

In the eager moments and curiosity of looking at the wedding pictures, we wish the bride and groom, all the best for the new beginnings in their life.

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