I was finally going to meet him months after college and this time for a date, all my girls had me surrounded with talks and ideas about how to make it the best date for him ever, we all had this agenda of letting him want for more and more but without looking like I’ve tried too hard. My friends suggested me to go for black. Everyone agreed, including me as black is the most versatile Color among all, but what really had my head roaming and thinking was my little sister’s question as to why we like black so much, why is it everyone’s favorite color for dresses?

Above all, Black’s the most versatile Color. It goes with almost everything, be it traditional, modern, formal, semi formal, stylish, sober, simple, everything’s available in black. You like bright colors but want it to look not too flashy, Black’s there to the rescue. Not only does it provide a beautiful contrast to almost all colors, dark or light, white or bright, dull or neon, but it also looks good every time.

Black and dark colors make us look thin, which is another reason for its popularity and demand. Due to this reason, black is liked by all of us, after all the effects it provides is awesome.

Black being the darkest of all, produces a brightening effect on skin. It works on the principle of highlighting one factor by the help of adding contrasts. Black clothes create an illusion of making our skin look brighter which makes us feel glowing and happy.

Black is the color of authority. It makes us feel confident about us. As psychology says, if you want to change your reaction, change your actions and if you want to change your actions, change your reaction. Red lipstick and heels make me feel better on any bad day, it easily enhances my mood and confidence and same is the case with black.

Black is the color of mystery. It is conservative, it is reserved, it eludes an aura of elegance and class. The little black dress, anywhere, anytime is an unbeatable trend. Black is the color of dignity and that of sophistication. Above all, black is the color of maturity and independence. The best example I can personally site is that of batman. His is a personality that is so diverse, so sophisticated, elegant, charismatic and mysterious. We all love the way the color provides us the same feeling. Yes, it’snot the way we look from outside but this is the reason behind our sub conscious choosing black.

I wear black mostly on the days when I need confidence and inner support. It just makes me feel comfortable. Neither it’s flashy or attracting attention. It just makes me feel normal.

Even though black makes us feel confident and intriguing, it still provides us with the benefit of being careless as no spills or stains is likely to be visible on black. The most significant reason my mother made me wear lots of black during my childhood. I was a very hyperactive kid, always dirtying myself in mud or something and black served the purpose of making me look clean to an extent.

The people who wear black want to be taken seriously, and they want to portray an idea of “don’t mess with me”, I once had an all black phase, where I used to wear everything black. I used to study psychology a lot, so I knew the actual reasons. Black makes an individual feel strong and that was exactly what I wanted at that moment of time.

Another reason we love to wear black is because it hides our emotions, it just covers it up. Black radiates an aura of being reserved and looks intimidating. All my struggling years, I used to drape myself in black but when I got rid of my suppressed emotions, I started disliking it. I rarely wear black and if I do, the only reason is that it is really extremely pretty piece of work. According to psychology, people who dislike black are more optimistic, carefree and drawn towards the brighter side and opposite is the case with people who love black. But most of all prefer it in our dresses only, not in every sphere of life, these people are balanced and know the behavioral rules well. And the ones who outlay every aspect of their life in black are usually upset from inside and portray a very strong and aloof image outside.

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