A new competition to your basic red and white wine has just arrived and it is a bang on. I am sure all you wine lovers are dying to taste or at least have a glimpse of the Gik. A startup by six Spanish entrepreneurs launched the Blue Wine and presented us with a Halloween gift apparently. Guys! Doesn’t it go with the Halloween so aptly?

Okay now let’s move on to the physical and visual features

It is made up of your favorite grapes

The Gik is made up of 100 % grapes and some Indigo color so fruit lovers can make merry from now onward. It is absolutely natural and is created from Anthocyanin pigment found in grape skins. The indigo used in the product is extracted from plants.

The making process

This drink follows a pigmentation process where firstly a base of white and red grapes is added to the organic pigments and then noncaloric sweeteners are added.

The food check

The firm has been working with the University of Basque Country and food tech research departments since 2 years.

Their no such need of worrying about the consumption as the quality checks are quite rigorous over here. Also, all the food regulations as explained by the European Union are ardently followed.

Who can have it

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People between 25 to 34 years are the main online buyers as acclaimed by the official website. Anybody who has crossed the legal age is permitted to have this heavenly looking potion.

Where to Buy GIK Blue Wine

Gik was launched last year in Spain but plans to expand its sales to
The United Kingdom, Germany, The United States and also France. Happy all you guys?

You can buy Gik buy clicking here

All about the technical fundamentals

Gik is 99% wine and 1 % grape to go with. The Ph of the drink is 3,2y and 3,7. The grapes for the drink are accumulated from some great vineyards residing in Spain. You should store it below 13-degree Celsius and away from the sunlight of course. The fridge at your home would be the best home for this bottle.

What should you have it with

It Totally depends on you and your food choices. I would love having it with the mix sauce pasta. You can also try it out with Smoked Salmon, Sushi, Baked Nachos or maybe the Joey style with two pizzas.

Diet vigilant

They add no caloric sugar to their drink because sugar really has major adverse effects. Overconsumption of sugar can probably lead to people being overweight which then eventually leads to diseases like Diabetes, Heart ailments and what not.

Making the most of it

You can have the drink on the rocks or however you like it. The past part of GIK is that you can enjoy great mocktails out of it which namely are Azzurro Di Mari, Russian Nights, The Voyeur and the Arctic flower.

Health benefits

It will serve as a great anti-oxidant.  Some of the components will protect your body from inflammation.

The main advisory for all of you visiting the page is to never drink and drive. It’s a humble request.

Happy wining buddies

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