Bollywood is a large industry, which produces around nine hundred films every year. Some of them do great business; some perform average and lots of films falls flat at the box office.

There are numbers of movies that are not fortunate enough to come out of the boxes and see the light of the day. These films were made with a large team who slog over hours to finish a product, but somehow they were never released. Whatever may be the reason, but these films with a massive star cast could do marvel on box office. We are listing the titles of those unfortunate movies.


This film was the directorial debut of Anurag Kashyap. The movie was loosely based on the serial murder case in Pune in mid 70’s.

The Central Board of Film Certification had an objection to the depiction of extreme violence and drug abuse in this film.

The film finally cleared in 2001 after some cuts, but it was jinxed. The film never reached theaters for some unknown reasons. The movie was shown at the Asian film festival in 2005. It finally reached to the audiences when someone leaked a copy of the movie on the Internet.

Kissa Kursi Ka

To your surprise, a Parliamentarian made this film in the year 1977. This movie was a satire on the politics of the emergency era.

Amrit Nahata was a two-time Lok-Sabha member.

The CBFC banned the film due to the objectionable content; all the prints were seized and burnt in a factory in Gurgaon.

The producer filed a legal case, which ran for eleven months. The verdict was shocking as the Information and Broadcasting Minister was found guilty and was sentenced two-year jail imprisonment.

Pink mirror

This movie was based on the subject of sexuality amongst the transsexuals and gay people. It is considered to be the first film that focuses entirely on the transsexuals. The plot revolves around a gay and two trans genders trying to attract a man. This movie takes you to the seldom-ventured arena of Indian gay world. The Central Board of Film Certification banned this movie on the grounds of obscenity. The filmmaker appealed again, but the board’s verdict remains unchanged. The film was highly appreciated by the critics and won international awards, but it never appeared on the silver screen in India.


This movie was based on cross-border terrorism with Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan as Army Officers. The film had a great star cast with Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty in the role of a terrorist and a journalist. It was the debut film of the model Rahul Dev. The song ‘Suno Gaur Se Duniyawalo’ was a Chartbuster hit.

Unfortunately, the director of the movie Mukul S. Anand died during the film shoot, leaving it unfinished. His brother announced about the revival of the movie, but it never happened. Subsequently, the film remained banned and was never released. Later in 2005 a new film with the same title was released on the same subject, but it had a different story line altogether.

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