Breakup Day 2019 will be on 21st of February 2019. It will officially conclude the Anti-Valentines Week 2019. It is the Gemini twin of Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love and togetherness, Breakup day is celebrated by people who have witnessed the pitfalls and woes of being in love, and are now single with a grudge on the whole concept of love. This whole Anti Valentine week has come up to neutralize the world that was struck by Cupid’s arrows and the Anti-Valentines Week puts an end to that love spell, as it celebrates the darker emotions that amorous love brings into people’s lives.

Breakup Day celebrations are as real as any other celebration. They blow up black heart-shaped balloons and then pop them to vent out their romantic frustrations and failures. Holding on to romantic hurt is not an option on Breakup Day. Burn your ex-lover’s name or picture in a bowl of fire and let go of the angst and grudges you might hold against them. Letting go of the past is all you can do to let new things happen in your life. The Anti-Valentines week celebrates – or more accurately – provides comfort to those suffering from the blues of broken love, unrequited love, betrayals, and breakups.

Anti-Valentines Breakup Day History

Anti-Valentines week started as a tradition when it was universally realized that not everyone celebrates the lovey-dovey feel of the Valentines week. There are people who have been sickened by the love they once felt and now are filled with regrets about loving the way they did, and hate how they went forth in love. Breakup day celebrates those people who have had a breakup from their lovers, those who miss their loved one but are done with them completely.

Like people love to have a companion, they also know that soulmates are rare to stumble upon, and many people also love their single lifestyle. Breakups suck, we know, at whichever time of the year they happen. But breakups happen for a reason – you and your lover were somehow not compatible, and as rude as it may sound, or as harsh, it is an awakening that spares you from more heartbreaking incidents in the future and sets you free to find a better love for yourself.

Anti-Valentines Breakup Day

Like, it is beautiful to ‘meet someone’ who you start ‘dating’ and then you both ‘fall in love,’ sounds like the perfect image of “how it was supposed to be”, sometimes it might not all be quite that image of picture-perfect. In relationships, realizing that it’s not just you in there, is a beginning. Your lover might not have the exact same notions and ideas of Picture-perfect, like you. During the full run of your relationship, at some point, someone’s patience might run out, and it all comes crashing down to splitsville.

Missing your past relationship or the lover who is now an “EX” during the extravagant Valentines week is in fact very common. There is so much togetherness that happens around during these Valentines weeks, that it makes your separation feel much more imploding and exhaustive. The all-consuming void you feel inside your heart will stay in its place – as Charles Bukowski wrote about it – this experience that’s left you feeling numb and damaged, is not going to erase itself. However, you do need to let go of that voluminous bomb filled with negative energy. It nasty

Anti-Valentines: I Hate Valentines Day

Anti-Valentines Breakup Day 2019 is going to bring a lot of opportunities for you and a lot of those people who recently took to life as singles, to get over their nasty, very devastating breakup. The point of celebrating Breakup Day is to let go of a dead relationship gracefully with an extra shot of sassy flair. Someone dumped you over someone they just happened to meet, or someone they claimed, was better than you, or you dumped them due to irreconcilable differences, now is your time to leave your heartache and heavy emotional baggage behind for the year ahead.

February is just ahead of the oncoming months of Spring and then soon, Summer will be knocking at your door and if you won’t let your pain out now, you’ll be doing yourself a huge injustice. Valentines’ Day is for lovers to celebrate their life, and no one should be left out in the cold entirely. So, put on a sassy outfit (one, that makes you blush, when you look at yourself in the mirror) and sit back with your black heart-shaped cushion. Then sip some of your expensive red wine and say burn baby burn.

Valentines Week 2019 

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