Breast surgery is the way for many women around the world to improve their self-confidence and feel the real beauty of the body. 

Breast plastic surgery is not only about augmentation, this procedure can satisfy a set of requests related to both breast beauty (lifting or augmentation) and health (reduction).

Let’s get more about it with this article. 

Breast plastic basis

Mammoplasty (breast plastic surgery) is a set of surgical interventions used for different requests of the patient – breast augmentation or reduction, shape changes, nipples and areolas plasty, etc. 

Such kind of operations helps to restore the lost forms or acquire the desired shapes after pregnancy, breastfeeding, previous diseases (cancer or cyst removal), to get rid of congenital and acquired issues due to injuries.

The main indications for Breast plastic surgery include the following ones: 

  • Asymmetry of mammary glands;
  • Sagging of mammary glands;
  • Nipples elongation or areolas distention;
  • Excessively large mammary glands;
  • Small breast size;
  • Congenital anomalies of development;
  • Shape changes or look issues (as a result of injuries, removal of malignant or benign neoplasms);
  • Loss of breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding;

There are no limits or age ranges for Breast plastic surgery, it is available for both young girls and mature women who want to bring about some changes into life. 

Please, pay your special attention that any surgery intervention must be indicated by the professional doctor after individual consultation and examination. Every case is unique and special, so beware of mass indications. 

Medical treatment with conscious approach

When it comes to health, you need to always remember about the quality of treatment provided. It includes direct monitoring during each stage – preparatory, examination, treatment process and recovery. 

ADONIS International, for example, provides a full-cycle medical accompaniment with the main value – Plastic surgery for breast health.

From its own examination laboratory to treatment facilities and accommodations for stay – you will be surrounded by care and support. 

ADONIS clinics use only high-qualitative materials during Breast plastic surgery. Breast implants are made of hypoallergenic materials without carcinogenic materials. It reduces any risks of malignant tumors developing to zero. 

ADONIS qualified plastic surgeons perform Breast plastic operations remaining the tissues responsible for milk production intact. Which confirms that mammoplasty does not prevent breastfeeding. Even more, the implants contain a safe filler that does not affect the composition of breast milk.

As for other services such as Breast reduction, Mommy takeover, Gynecomastia surgery, Breast lift or Breast lipofilling – they are carried out according to the European standards by following each step according to the prescribed Program (which is corrected individually to the case). 

Breast plastic surgery is a rather modern procedure which aims to improve women’s lives. 

When it comes to the clinic selection for such an operation – please, make sure that materials are qualitative, medical staff is educated and additional care services are possible. When everything is well-developed – your treatment will pass easily and happily. 

Anyway, ADONIS International is always at your service.  

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