There is a constant war between the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and the Sedans. Most of the prospective buyers mull about which one to chose: a powerful SUV or a sleek Sedan? The fact is that SUVs and Sedans provide different utilities altogether, so it is very easy to compare both.

Here are a few attributes to which a buyer must consider before taking the final call:

SUV vs Sedans

  1. Price: SUVs incur high production costs and are thus much costlier than the Sedans. Where the average SUV models available in the market start from Rs. 10 lakh, a Sedan having almost same features would be within the budget of the commoners.
  2. Performance: If you are thinking for a car to be perfect for the Indian highways, expressways or even the local roads, then Sedan is the solution. The low centre of gravity makes it comfortable while driving. Especially for highway driving, Sedans prove to be more satisfactory. Also they are fast and efficient. On an average an SUV for a particular distance say 100m in 15 seconds where a Sedan would probably cover the same in 10 seconds. Also SUVs are more convenient for those who love adventures and are more of an outdoor person. Linea T-jet is way better than a Scorpio or a Fortuner in this case.
  3. Comfort: A sleek and more comfortable Sedan would be easily parked anywhere because of its compact size and shape (particularly designed for Indian roads and the crowded cities where parking is another major issue than the traffic). Whereas the jumbo size of a SUV will make it difficult for you to manage in city like Delhi especially.
  4. Fuel efficiency: when it comes to the fuel efficiency of a Sedan, it can lead a SUV of almost the same level by 25%-30% approx and when it is about the duel between the two over petrol, Sedan leads SUVs by 75%.
  5. Safety: The only reason why a SUV would not be safe is that they are heavier in weight and are more vulnerable to roll down and cause damage to the passengers. Whereas the Sedans have an efficient breaking and handling system. Also the steering, gears and pedals due to its compact size are easy to reach. Thus, making it appropriate for the uneven roads.

Few of SUVs are: Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Ford Explorer.

Few of Sedans are: Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Laura and VW Passat.


The abridgement is that if you can afford expensive cars and are often out for road trips to rugged terrains, then SUV is the solution. But if you’re looking for a cheaper and more comfortable substitute for an occasional road trip then Sedan is the one for you.

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