Anemia affects millions of people every year. A person may be affected by anemia due to hemoglobin deficiency of red blood cells. It results in an inadequate supply of oxygen to the tissues. Anemia is prevalent more in women than men, especially pregnant women, and aged people are easily vulnerable to anemia. An anemic person may often feel tired and weak. Anemia occurs for different reasons, and it may remain for the long term, or it may be a temporary one. Anemia gives the warning sign of illness. If left untreated, it leads to fatigue, heart problems, and the severe condition may cause death. For people who need a holistic approach to treat anemic symptoms, THC capsules can help to boost energy and remove weakness, headache, and pain. THC contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and helps to improve the symptoms. However, it’s important to exercise caution as THC is not legal everywhere. In states like Kentucky, it is only available to those who possess a Kentucky medical marijuana card. Fortunately, anemia is one of the qualifying medical conditions. Therefore, following a doctor’s evaluation and obtaining the card, you will be able to purchase THC products legally.

What is anemia?                             

The lack of red blood cells are also called haemoglobin in a body, and are called anemia. There are four main components present in the blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Red blood cell contains an iron-containing protein called haemoglobin, which transfers oxygen throughout the body. The total amount of haemoglobin varies depending upon age, sex, and pregnancy. In anemic conditions, the blood will not have enough oxygen to deliver it to tissues.

Types of anemia

More than 400 types of anemia occur in the body, and they are divided into different groups based on their cause as follows:

  1. Blood loss due to injuries, gastrointestinal conditions, surgeries, excessive menstrual bleeding, etc.
  2. Decreased red blood cell production is due to the rupture of red blood cells, fragile erythrocytes due to genetic conditions like sickle cell anemia, infections like malaria.
  3. Destruction of red blood cells is mainly due to the common types of anemia due to the deficiencies of iron, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, or folic acid, stem cell problems, and may be due to other diseases.

Some types of anemia are severe, and in some other types temporary.

THC for anemia

THC consists of therapeutic properties that help to treat the symptoms associated with anemia.

  1. THC and sickle cell anemia

It is a disorder that affects hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen throughout the body. People who suffer from sickle cell anemia may have hemoglobin S, which distorts red blood cells into a sickle or crescent shape. The misshapen red blood cells cause pain in the affected person. This is due to the accumulation of red blood cells in the capillaries. It results in poor oxygenation to the tissues. They will prescribe medications like opioids to manage the pain. The frequent usage of this medicine leads to addiction.

To treat the pain associated with sickle cell anemia, THC can be used. About 52% of the people used THC to reduce pain. THC is a cannabinoid, which reduces the symptoms of neuropathic inflammation linked to sickle cell anemia.

  • THC and iron deficiency anemia

THC oil is a source of vitamin E and other minerals required for the synthesis of hemoglobin, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and iron. The dosage of oil required per day is 1.9 L. About 8 mg of iron is present in the 100 ml of THC oil. The American Society of Hematology announced that 150-200 mg of iron is recommended to take per day.

The recommended amount of iron can be obtained from THC oil. It is the best iron supplement, and in addition, other dietary sources are dark leafy vegetables, red meat, tofu, dates, nuts, etc.

  • THC for anemia symptoms

Some people are not aware of iron deficiency anemia in the mild stage. If it is left untreated, the condition gets worse, associated with the signs and symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. 

The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are:

  1. Increased heartbeat, 
  2. Pain in chest
  3. Headache
  4. Fatigue
  5. Inflammation
  6. Cravings on non-nutritive substances
  7. Decreased appetite.

Research studies have concluded that THC can help with these symptoms. THC administration controlled irregular heartbeat caused by inadequate blood circulation in the heart. THC protects the heart.

Ways to consume THC

An anemic person may be suffering from dizziness, which is a common symptom. One should stay away from smoking and vaping. It does not mean that you should stay away from THC. Fortunately, you can get cannabinoids into your system employing THC oil and edibles.

THC oil is used in the form of sprays or drops. Applying it over the skin and getting relief from the pain immediately. It is the easiest way of consuming the cannabinoids, as it does not require any knowledge. Another way is to consume it orally, by using it under your tongue. After applying the oil, you have to hold it in your mouth for a minute and then swallow it. THC oil can be included in your regular food and any drinks. Taking it in the oral form may take some time to produce its effect. The effect of the oil will take at least two hours to kick in, so you have to wait for some time.

If you decide to use THC in the oil form, ensure that it is pure and free from contaminants like pesticides, artificial chemicals, etc. Next, you can take THC in edible form in plenty of ways, and its recipes are available online. You can try making candies, cupcakes, weed tea, or infused drinks. Take edibles carefully, as the edibles will start to kick in within 30-60 minutes. Before that, you should not rush to take a second serving till you feel the effect of the first one. The effects of THC edibles remain for a long duration, then consuming it in the form of smoking or vaping.

First, you have to take a small dose, take the edibles gradually. In this way, you can get some experience and find the dosage for your needs.


To date, no study has proved that delta 8 thc helps directly to treat anemic conditions. It helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with anemia rather than anemia itself. If you have found iron deficiency anemia, there are several ways to treat it. Using iron pills may cause constipation and other side effects. If you don’t like to use iron pills, use THC to treat anemia. Before, using THC as a supplement of iron, consult with the doctor.

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