Many Facebook users around the globe are troubled right now. Their favourite social media platform is not working!

The issue: We are not able to post anything, anywhere on Facebook.

Description of problem: As soon as you click on status field, a semi-transparent overlay pops up and an x appears.

Platforms affected: All (desktop, phone)

Is Facebook Down?

As per the ongoing discussion at, it is not a localized problem. No specific cause has been detected behind it, but with so many people facing the problem, Facebook should surely be taking note of it.

Solution proposed: A hack around this problem is to drag an image to the status and add text to it. This is the only thing that is working right now. Crazy, right?

That’s not all, some users have reported that the issue has been going on for many days. This has really ticked off many users who not only use Facebook for personal use but also to manage their businesses.

Some users have been facing the problems since February 23rd, and are totally baffled on why this is happening.

Analysis: It is possible that Facebook is trying to load some message but something is preventing it from doing so. It has once happened before. Facebook might be trying to ask if you want to turn on face recognition for browser but something is blocking it from fully loading, so you see the semi-transparent overlay, but you don’t see the prompt to turn them on.

More problems in Facebook!

One user Jeni reported that her FB did not work on search this morning. Now it is rerouting posts to messages and she did not post any items as messages. In her words, it is messed up.

We are there with you Jeni, we are there with you.

Catherine has been getting randomly logged out of FB.

Warrena can only see trending topics. Are you also only able to see trending topics?

Facebook has been having issues, have you faced any yet? Let us know in comments below.

Could this be because of new face recognition?

A new message being shown by Facebook is this

It says

Introducing face recognition for more features

Hi. We’re always working to make Facebook better, so we’re adding more ways to use face recognition apart from just suggesting tags. For example, face recognition technology can do things such as:

• Find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged in
• Help protect you against strangers who use your photo
• Tell people with visual impairments who’s in your photo or video

You control face recognition. This setting is on, but you can turn it off at any time, which applies to features we may add later.

The Facebook Team

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  1. Just started for me this morning, 02/28/18, using firefox. WEAK! And that dragging a picture and putting some sort of text under it did work, but i dont care about the pic i clicked and dragged so I deleted it! went back to attempt to post something, same thing, a darkened screen with an X and then the status window disappears. Facebook can never ever leave well enough alone..i dont care about face recognition or anything like that!

    1. Yes, they like to keep us destabilized, don’t they?
      There’s an old saying, “Shake it. Don’t break it!”

    1. Thank you for this workaround!! It works for me
      I’m going to save this URL for the next time they “make improvements”

  2. Same thing in Greece. Windows 10 facebook app works fine! Problem exists on Windows 10 pc when I use a browser(firefox/opera/chrome). “Facebook Lite app” works on android phone.

  3. JUST started for me within the hour
    I use Chrome, dragging a photo into the status isn’t working either

  4. Thx for this post! I thought it was me and am new to managing groups so I was wasting my time reporting it to FB, searching google, forums…Now I know to just wait for the screen of death to go die.

  5. Same in The Netherlands! Tried everything, updating flash, checking firefox… gray screen remains!

  6. Chrome and Firefox – I get black transparent screen with x in upper right corner if I click on text box to post or tab Make post. Haven’t posted for some days, noticed yesterday 2/27/2018

  7. Thank you for this post! Glad I am not the only one. BTW why is the date for this post March 1, 2018?

  8. I seemed to have fixed it after several hours by changing my apps settings to remove NVidia (and polls and a few others but I suspect it was NVidia as it was the only one I’d interacted with in the last 24 hours). Hope that helps someone.

  9. SOLVED IT (In My Case): I was logged into my (same) FB account on an idle iPAD. When I logged out of that iPad, I could post to my Facebook timeline via my logged in PC.

  10. Obviously this is a global issue. I mean, here it is February 28th and this article from the future, March 1st, is already showing us that it’s happening globally and will continue to happe at least for another day.

  11. I had this issue all morning. It was fine by noon. Still frustrating as I was working on client’s Facebook page.

  12. Apparently your new algorithms are not working properly! You have blocked hundreds of CONSERVATIVES and deleted their posts starting on the morning of March 7 or at least sometime during the night of March 6 & 7. I have reported this to you as I personally have been blocked for 7 days and STILL, even though I have tried to contact you for help, have gotten NOT ONE BIT of info or support from anyone! I have changed my password as I do not believe I made ANY post that was not approved in your Community Standards. If so, what was it? AND when as I was not ON FB posting at all on from around 2 or 3 pm on March 5. Please respond as you have in the past to my reported issues!

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