During my research on this topic and going through the web for like a couple of hours I was so glad to know that women are even earning more than men in male-dominated areas as well. Earlier, hearing about a woman doing a field work job such as that of an architect was not at all common, but now times have certainly changed.

According to a glass door revelation, women earn the most as a social worker oh yes we know we are very kind hearted and generous from the core. ROFL!

So here are some domains which pay women the best.


It’s pretty obnoxious to know that women earn more than men in a field where it’s hard to even find women roaming around sometimes. Very rewarding are women’s median weekly earnings in this area. Women usually earn $7000 more than men in the architecture field.

The singing industry

In a 2017 revelation, Madonna has been stated as the highest grossing singer. Believe it or not, she stands as the second highest paid singer in Forbes list. Ready to sing girlie?

Advertising and Marketing

We all know how good we women are with our speaking skills and with convincing people. According to a glass door study, women are more good in working with the creative aspects of the company.

Environmental Sciences

Again according to a glass door study, women earn more than men by a difference of $3000 after a 5-year experience in the field. Though women are found to be earning more than men counterparts, the number of female graduates are still less.

Special Education Teachers

We all women have motherly instincts in us and there is no doubt on the fact that women are always good teachers, and when dealing with special needs children, womanly love cannot be competed with. Women earn certainly level more than men in this field.


The job is quite interesting and can be managed by women so well because ladies are blessed with organizational skills already. They are paid around 7.6% more than men. Ready to sell some goodies?

Social Media professional

I personally find it to be the most fun job as it’s the work where you get paid for what you share. Haha! According to a survey, women earn 1.9% more dollars than men in this field.

Research Assistant

Women on this position earn 6% more than men actually, the work demands you to be well and good in the field of academia, the duties assigned to such people is that of collecting and analyzing data.

You go, Girl!

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