10 Foods You Can Eat During Navratri Fasting During Navratri 2018

When to Break Navratri Fast? Confused? Well, it depends on how many days you have vowed to keep it for. The Navratri is starting from the 10th October and ending on the 18th October in 2018. If you are intending to fast during these days, you can check out over here full detail about Navratri Fasting. The … Read more

Navratri 2018 : List of Top 10 Navratri Bhajans That Will Help You Attain Peace

Navratri Bhajan Songs are entirely different from the Navratri Songs, as the former is a way to pray to lord in a very peaceful way. In the disguise of Bhajans, one aims to achieve the connection with the almighty. While both are amazing in their own respective ways we are fans of Navratri Songs that … Read more

Navratri 2018 – Navratri Celebration in Different States of India

Navratri 2018! The most colorful and cheerful festival of the Hindu Religion. No matter, where you go you get to see something new everywhere. The history of Navratri is also very vibrant because of its divine significance. But why is Navratri celebrated on such a large scale. Well, that is because Navratri is a festival … Read more

Navratri DJ Special Songs 2018, Garba Songs List

Famous Garba Songs are the first thing that everyone thinks of during the festival of Navratri. The Navratri song list can be either from Bollywood or they can be Bhagti Geet as well. The Bhagti songs do not always have the beats hence the bollywood is taken help from. The list of Garba songs are … Read more

Navratri 2018 Date, History, Significance of 9 Days in India

Navratri 2018 in October is going to begin from the 10th October till the 18th October. The Navratri is also called the Sharad Navratri because it falls in the month of Sharad Ritu which are September and October. It is also considered the biggest Navratri because on the last day ie the 10th day falls … Read more