5 Ways Smartphones Make us Superhuman

Smartphones get a bad rap sometimes. Yes, they impinge on our waking lives in merciless torrent of messages, prompts and notifications, ebbing at our own mindfulness. They keep us agitated in a perennial state of distraction, drawing ire from employers, lovers and other motorists as well. Still, for all their social flaws, smartphones do have … Read more

uTorrent.exe Flagged As ‘Harmful’ by Anti-Virus & Google Chrome

uTorrent is a firm favorite when it comes to BitTorrent clients, making its money through in-app ads and bundled software offered during installation. But it seems that this software may be causing some problems for uTorrent, which is now being flagged as ‘harmful’. After downloading uTorrent norton glaged it as a security risk. Scans identify … Read more