Confession Day 2022 | 19th Feb 2022

The Confession Day falls on the 19th Feb 2022 during the Anti Valentine Week 2022. Confession Day 2022 carries with itself some similar term such as world confession day, the special confession day of Korea and most importantly the Confession Day of the Catholic Church. Be it anywhere the meaning of Confession is always the same.Venting … Read more

Breakup Day 2022 on 21 Feb 2022 | Why do we celebrate Breakup Day 2022

Breakup Day 2022 will be on 21st of February 2022. It will officially conclude the Anti-Valentines Week 2022. It is the Gemini twin of Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love and togetherness, Breakup day is celebrated by people who have witnessed the pitfalls and woes of being in love, and are now single with a grudge … Read more

Missing Day 2022 on 20th Feb 2022 | How to Celebrate Missing Day 2022

Missing Day 2022 is celebrated on the 20th February 2022 and the second last day of the Anti Valentine Week 2022. Just a day before the Breakup Day 2022 which is celebrated on the 21st Feb 2022. The Missing Day 2022 reminds us of the special ones of your lives. Logically, the whole Anti- Valentine Week … Read more

Valentine’s Dinner In The Great Hall: Obviously the best Valentine’s Day for Harry Potter fans

Gear up all Harry Potter fans, because your best kind of Valentine’s Day getaway is all set to make you go crazy. Yes, Valentine’s Dinner In The Great Hall is open and here is everything you need to know about it. Everybody wants something out of the box for their girlfriend and boyfriend on Valentine’s day. … Read more

5 Things You Can Do To Make Propose Day [8 Feb] Successfull

After the fun-filled and the lovely rose day comes another exciting day in the row called Propose Day. The word ‘Propose’ fills our hearts with enthusiasm and joy. Propose Day is an excellent opportunity to propose the person you have been crushing on for a long time or your lover to take your relationship to … Read more