Dogs are lively and very active animals that can spend all day playing, running, and jumping around. Although some breeds are couch potatoes, these lovely creatures like to be active and on the move. At this link, you can find out about dog breeds suitable for people who lead a busy life.

Many pups keep playfulness even when they get older, provided they are in good health. Yet, sometimes it’s almost impossible to prevent certain conditions that can adversely affect the mobility of your four-legged friend. The owners have a significant role in that, as they should give the best care to their four-legged friends.

There are many reasons why your pet may feel joint pain and have mobility issues. Some of them happen due to genetics, aging, obesity, injuries, or joint problems. Diseases like arthritis or hip dysplasia can occur even if your pup has the best possible care. Whatever the reason, the sight of an animal losing excitement and willpower is pretty sad.

When to Suspect Health Problems

Dogs are always in the mood to play, chase, and walk. So any change in these routine activities can be a red flag. Until a couple of months, your pet couldn’t wait for you to take the leash and go outside. Now, they’re doing that sluggishly and reluctantly, so you can suspect a health problem. Also, if you notice strange walking, stumbling, difficulty getting up or climbing stairs, it’s clear that your pet has a disease that affects their movement.

If you are sure that the reason is not an injury, you should see a veterinarian. Dogs may develop degenerative diseases such as hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis. These conditions are often genetic but can also develop due to certain factors. These usually are fast growth or inadequate levels of physical activity (too much exercise is almost as harmful as lack of it). Also, these problems often occur in older dogs due to years of joint and ligament wear.

These diseases are more common in larger dogs, those with higher body weight than optimal, and certain breeds. It’s noticed that German Shepherds or Labradors tend to have mobility issues. They develop joint problems, chronic pain, and swelling that interferes with normal movement. Over time, pups that suffer from these discomforts can become anxious, depressed, or could have some behavioral issues.

How to Help a Pet?

Prevention is the best way to give your furry buddy a longer and better life. A healthy, balanced diet and physical activity are essentials. But you can add quality supplementation and regular vet checks to that. When it comes to supplements, you can try CBD oil for dogs among so many supplement types on the market. It’s all-natural product, effective in preventing and treating conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Unfortunately, no cure has yet been found for most conditions that cause mobility issues in dogs. But if your pet shows the first signs of some of these diseases, a timely response can slow their course. For now, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve symptoms and reduce pain. But they are not completely safe, as they can damage the kidneys and digestive system after prolonged use.

A good alternative to painkillers is the already mentioned CBD oil. It is obtained by processing hemp strains that contain low levels of THC or don’t contain them at all. That makes this compound safe for animal use. Although extensive research is still being done on CBD, the findings to date are quite optimistic as they point to the enormous potential of this compound.

How CBD Can Help

During research on dogs with various diseases, a noticeable reduction in pain and increased activity was observed in animals that used CBD. Although more research is needed, the previous experiences of the owners show that CBD reduces the discomfort in sick dogs. It inhibits inflammatory processes that affect the joints and ligaments. In the long run, that reduces the possibility of their degeneration.

The CBD effect is the same regardless of the age or health condition of the dog. It’s only necessary to adjust the dose depending on these two factors, plus your pet’s weight. With the recommended amount of CBD per day, your pups will feel a significant improvement. Over time, they will be able to regain most of their mobility.

Anxiety Relief

Besides physical alterations, regular administration of CBD oil to dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia will also improve their mood. In addition to the many beneficial features of CBD, we must not forget its positive effect on reducing the negative effects of stress. This compound triggers brain chemicals that affect the mood, behavior, and emotions of your pup.

On the source below, find a more detailed explanation on CBD action:

Unlike THC, CBD’s effect is not psychoactive. Instead, it ‘boosts’ the work of receptors in the brain that affect the production of serotonin and dopamine. So you don’t have to worry about whether your dog will be high after consuming CBD oil. They will only be lightly sedated and relaxed. But they will still have enough energy to stay happy and playful.

No one likes to see their pet suffer. Diseases such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can significantly reduce the quality of life of dogs. The good thing is that this can be prevented or at least drastically slowed down by using quality medications and natural supplements like CBD oil.

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