Celebrities have become really innovative and constructive about their personalities. There are a hell lot of celebs who have joined the entrepreneur fraternity. According to me, they all have one major advantage in their kitty’s which is the fact that they do not need hardcore brand building procedure. Take Coco Chanel for instance, she was presented different kinds formulas of cologne and she liked the number 5th bottle by chance. I mean like we all are Chanel crazed today and she does not even need a good name for her perfume. Chanel No.5 has been rocking the fashion market since ages now.

Scroll down for more information about celebrities who have turned out to be successful entrepreneurs.

Kylie Jenner

Brand – Kylie Cosmetics


We all adore and love her cosmetic range, don’t we? but what’s the story behind her startup? One day the 19-year-old model launched three lines of lipsticks which were declared sold out just seconds after she posted. She then launched her direct to customer range of cosmetics and is one hell of a champ now.

Nicole Richie

Brand – A pea in the pod

The Television actress decided to help all the other expectant ladies too. Her collaboration with the brand has been great and a successful venture as well.It is by far the perfect choice for moms to be and offers really cute and adorable dresses, jeans and all motherly clothes. She also owns a fashion line called “Winter Kate” and also “The House of Harlow”.

Venus Williams

Brand – V star interiors

I never thought in the farthest of my dreams that a lawn tennis player like her could own an interior designing firm and totally nail in the designing society. William has used her design education in her fashion line too which is named as EleVen.

Gina Rodrigues

Brand – Naja

She has partnered with Catalina Gerald, the then founder of the lingerie company and raised millions out of the venture. The best quality of the firm is that it provides high-quality intimates with prints on the inside. The fabric used for the making is quite Eco-friendly and is definitely worth the money spent.


Brand – October’s very own


I really like the name of the apparel startup because of course, I love October. He is a co-founder of the firm and is the face of the brand too. Drake also said in an interview, that it was his manager and business partner Oliver’s idea to nail the apparel game together.

Jessica Simpson

Brand – The Jessica Simpson Collection

She has raised a revenue of around 1 billion and above which is not restricted to only E-commerce. She owns retail stores in the United States offering a pretty range of apparels, handbags, jewellery, footwear etc.

They have totally justified the quote that “ Life’s too short for working for someone else’s dream”. Inspire yourself, buddies.!

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