Charmi Kaur is on a role. The actress recently delivered a blockbuster hit, Jyothi Lakshmi, directed by Puri Jagganadh where she plays a titular role in the film. Another movie that’s making waves across the country is Mantra 2, which also starts Charmi in the lead role. Mantra 2 that has been made on a sustainable budget has already garnered over 5 cr. at the box office in its opening weekend across India. The film has received good response in the north belt as well, where it is being released by Impossible films Pvt. Ltd.

While the plot of Jyothi Lakshmi revolves around social issues, the plot of Mantra 2 out is about the supernatural. Charmi has managed to woo audience within a month with two films hailing from very different roles. Charmi Kaur is quickly carving her presence in a primarily male dominated industry where the male lead shoulders the burden of box office success.

What is interesting to note is, Charmi had given her first success in the first part with the same name, Mantra. The film was a massive success and Charmi became a star over night due. It seems like Charmi’s best performances are in movies where she plays the lead. After mantra the actress had a bit of a slump with more or less no success on the box office. The mantra franchise seems to be lucky for the leading lady and her carrier seems to be on an upswing.

Speaking on the success of mantra, Murlidhar Tilwani, Impossible films said, “All film have a different scale and not all are suppose to be part of a certain ‘club’. Mantra 2 has been made on a sustainable budget and the numbers are looking very positive and Mantra 2 is destined to farewell at the box – office.”

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