Coffee With D

US president, Pakistan pm aur India PM mein se kisi ek ke sath milne ka mauka mile toh kiske sath milna chahengen?

Ans- Nahi India wale mujhe pasand nahi hai, USA ki mujse phatati hai aur rahi baat Pakistan wale ki.. aaye din yahi pada rehta hai 10minute ruk tere se hi milva dunga……..

You must be thinking what is this, then let me tell you all this the famous dialogue of the recent movie Coffee with D.


Here is another political comedy movie coffee with D is released on 6th January 2017 and this dialogue has spread the 440 watts of laughter in the theaters.

Sunil Grover in Coffee With D

The movie starring most favorite comedian Sunil Grover as a controversial journalist. The movie has an interesting angle of story where a News anchor Arnab is on a mission to interview the most wanted Don and the twist comes when the don agree to be the interviewee but he has made his mind to kill Arnab on live television. The film is based on interview; coffee with D is staring Sunil Grover as well as zakir Husain, dipannita Sharma, anjana sukhani and rajesh Sharma in lead roles.

Sunil Grover is known for his talent of making others laugh and audience is expecting full on entertainment from the movie. Sunil Grover is a very capable actor and his talent will take the movie to a different level. The movie is under Apex Entertainment banner. Vishal mishra is the director and producer of the film. The song has been sung by Anu malik and composed by Shaan and his band Superbia.


Here is the official trailer of the film is given below. Go and watch the movie coffee with D for unique comedy thrill.

source: YT / Zee Music Company


Name of the characters in the film

Sunil Grover – Arnab

Zakir Hussain – Don Dawood Ibrahim

Dipannita Sharma – Neha

Rajesh Sharma – channel owner

Anjana Sharma – Parul

Box Office Predictions

The first day collection of the movie might not be great because Dangal is the competitor of the movie in theaters.

Movie is not much hyped so it will earn around 3 crore.

This is the first prediction of the film before its release. But Coffee with D might shock us by performing very well and maybe earn 6 crores on its very first day. The movie will get amazing response from audience. It will also do well in terms of financial field.

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