If you have dark circles like I have, then you most probably find yourself looking for concealers and correctors just wherever you tend to go. Well! When I got to know about them for the first time, I went awry as well. These best foundations for dusky skin tones have given us ever more choice power.

Ladies! Have you ever heard about those revelations in which people claimed to have concealed their dark circles with the help of red and orange lipsticks? Guess what? Those are inspired by these beautiful correctors.

Scroll below to know which color corrector would suit your skin type perfectly.

The Orange Color

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Orange is a color for the darker shades and for people who have brownish complexion. hence, fair people should neglect this one in all manners. This one works best for people who have bluish dark circles.

The Peach Color

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Peach is the color for the fair, it helps to correct and reduce the appearance of the freckles, dark spots and other marks that are visible to the eyes. These people can use pink color as well.

The Purple Color

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Have you been invited to a party and are all dull because of that tiring day at work. Nothing to worry here is a sure shot way to combat the dullness. Use a purple color corrector to hide yellow spots and undertones.

The Green color

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Seems gross but believe me, this one is surely going to help people who have acne and thus scars. Remember to only put the corrector with a beauty blender or gently with your fingertips on the acne spot, scar and unwanted redness on your face.

The Yellow Color

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People who have purplish dark circles as a result of a cluster of veins and bruises will love the yellow corrector undoubtedly. It will help reduce the appearance of broken capillaries as well.

Some things that you should remember before applying a corrector.

# The corrector should only be used occasionally for instance for a very important meeting, a wedding to attend or a special gathering. It’s not at all compulsory for daily wear.

# If you have very very light spots or dark circles, then it is not important to apply a corrector on your face. A simple application of concealer would work for you.

# Always remember that you should avoid using a brush for this purpose. It is advisable to put on the corrector with the help of a beauty blender or your fingers.

# Remember to always put a minimal amount of the corrector on your skin and do blend it well so as to avoid looking like a makeup blunder.

# Always apply the corrector before applying the base or the foundation. You should go the CFC way, which implies correcting, putting on foundation and then some concealer.

“ Bobbi Brown rightly said, “ All girls are pretty without makeup but can be pretty powerful with the right makeup.”

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