Diwali is perhaps the time I come up with a lot of ideas. I just love this festival wholeheartedly. Choosing a gift for your colleagues and employees can be quite a strenuous task. Lodging the workload over your shoulders and then going on a shopping spree can be very demanding for you. The best way to save you from all the additional hard work is to plan out things well in advance. Here are some options that you can choose from for corporate gifting.

Custom Trophies

This particular idea came to my mind just a minute ago, the plan out here is to first prepare a list of your employees and just beside their names, mention their peculiarities or qualities or whatever you may wish to call them according to their efforts towards your firm. Let me give you an example if Mr. A is a hardworking and Mr.B is the creative hand, then you may hand out Mr. Dedicated and Mr. Creative Butterfly to them respectively. Get these imprinted on little trophies and then just feel the motivation level rising up to a sky high.


Make your company stand out from everyone else and gift them up T-shirts, Powerbanks, Sippers, caps or even containers with your name imprinted on them. This will not only make your workforce happy but will also help you in the broadcasting and advertising of your company.

The childlike box

We all love chocolates and edibles so do our employees. Get a beautiful basket packed filled with chocolates, much-needed beverages or biscuits, and bakery stuff. This kind of gifts can be ordered from any good bakery or sweet shop nearby in bulk.

Divinity gifts

What is more optimistic than handing over God’s own blessing to your employees? Nothing more.! Gifting idols of gods to your workforce is also a very good option as it helps spread positivity. The spiritually driven people will be more than happy with the present.

Helping the environment

Engage in some philanthropy and present your employees a striking money plant or an aloe plant or maybe some plant which can stay on their workstations. Watch the plant grow just like your ambitions and dreams.

Things to remember

Never gift something that is not useful to somebody. For instance, luggage tags, paper pins, key chains etc are a strict no-no.

Always get the stuff wrapped up in a cool wrapping paper to keep up with the festive way.

Every employee’s gift need not be exactly the same but certainly should be of the same value.

It’s the means of expressing gratitude to those who support you, so make sure you appreciate them well.

Do not buy something that looks too cheap also gifting something super expensive is not permissible in a work environment. Strive to be just in between.

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