Couples Costumes 2018 are the most searched about during the Halloween and the reason to which is that everyone want to compliment each other through their dresses. They are both Funny as well as Cute. People find it very awe-inspiring. Dressing up in a Halloween Costume which is supplementing or completing your B.A.E’s outfit is always fun. Here we are also talking about the Punny Halloween Costumes that can also be the worn as Couple Halloween Costumes. The Halloween Costumes 2018 can be found out from the nearby store and can be D.I.Y as well.

The Halloween Festival is celebrated with pomp and show all around the world. The most interesting part of the festival is its history because it is believed to be of Pagan origin. You can check out the full detail and history from here.

halloween costumes for couples 2018

The major element of the Halloween are the Halloween Costumes for which we have created a lot of lists and options that you can take help from.

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Check Punny Halloween Couple Costumes 

1Bunch Of Grapes

couples halloween costumes 2018

The bunch of grapes costume can be achieved with the help of green and purple balloons taped around your tee. You can write humorous or satirical quotes on them and round around the party like a pro.

2Black Eyed Peas

pun costumes 2017

The black eyed peas is the most punny costume we have ever heard of. The look can be achieved by minimal amount of things which include an all black attire, duct tape and some eyeliner. All you have to do is wear the all black dress. paste the duct tape as P and paint one eye black.

3Life Gives Lemons

idiom halloween costumes

You sure must have heard the quote about ” How life gives lemons”. Well carry out with that quote and disguise as one. Just wear a tee that says life and carry in a basket some lemons.

4It’s Raining Men

punny halloween costumes for couples

We have all heard this song on loop since years and it still manages to be a hit until now. The song has been winning charts all over the world. Cool, then disguise as the song. Confused? Just hang pictures of guys around your umbrella and carry it around with you.

5Life Of The Party

punny halloween costumes for couples

If being the life of the party is your cup of cake then duly act and disguise like one. Just wear a tee and paste on it a chart that says that you are indeed the life of the party. The life of the party can then enter the party with panache.


punny couples halloween costumes 2018

The green envy is a perfect dress for all those people who are ready to disguise as humorous yet satirical beings in the party. You can wear the green envy dress just to irritate someone in the party.

7Social Butterfly

punny halloween costumes for adults

The social butterfly look is best for all those girls who love to surf the internet throughout the day. If you are the one with heck lot of followers on your every social account then being social butterfly is the best bet for you.


punny halloween costumes for couples

This picture will make you laugh out loud no matter how many times you watch it. The lady has donned the costume of Iron and also has the periodic number of the metal described on her tee. She is also carrying the metal utensil as her prop.

9Blessing In Disguise

halloween costume for couples punny 2018

Heard of the term ” Blessing in Disguise”. Cool! Be that for somebody and bless them with your angelic hands. All that you have to do is wear something that hides your face and paste on yourself the word ” Blessing”.

10Negative Space

pun halloween costume 2018

You can be the negative space in the party( pun intended ) by disguising yourself as the universe with all the planets with the sad smile. It is just for laughs and gags and the costume does not motivate anything serious.

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