Okay, we completely respect and applaud the work of all the designers and their crew members but sometimes they just cross the limits of kinky fashions. One of the members on Reddit advises us all to watch the brilliant movie “ The Devil Wears Prada” in which it is shown how wacky runway clothes influence the fashion world at every level and all the way down”.


It is true that sometimes wearable collections do not make much news, designers only do it to build up the brand image as this is the easiest form of public relation. The mere intention is to keep the artist in the limelight.

According to another Reddit user “ It’s a form of fun and generates revenues.”

Most of us are not going to wear such kinds of clothes ever in our lives. For the ace fashion designers, their models are just like canvases where they tend to show their creativeness so let’s not drag them down.

We have created a list of some comical outfits from the London Fashion Week so far. Scroll below to have a look.

# Jack Irving


He managed to create a rainbow look with odd beard designs and quirky footwear. The headgears given to the models were larger than life and too much of a burden. A male model was also seen wearing a one-piece dress and showing off his chest hair. He also rendered an orange tentacle dress.

# Angel Chen


She portrayed an all pink attire on one of her models. The headgear was utterly weird and looked like worms falling over the forehead. Another bizarre kooky wardrobe style was that of with a big red hat and pink bows on one of the model. The trousseau was so peculiar that it looked very apt for Halloween.

# The Vin and Omi Show

The designers portrayed some very versatile pieces which looked like models coming out of a painting itself. A model walked the ramp wearing a yellow trench coat with a very weird looking yellow wig. Her face was painted up in blue color really ghostly.

# Charlotte Olympia

Models seemed coming straightaway out of a fruit basket. The footwear seemed cute enough but the dress stole all the limelight. Wearing Grape, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Pineapple dresses, everything looked like a carnival. Normal people can never wear fruits on the streets.

# Sophia Webster

She tried to showcase Universe through her theme which was apparently named “ Freak Like Me”. We give a standing ovation to all those who were a part of this walk. These girls managed to drape themselves in a heap of crops all over their bodies. Though the embellished boots and bubble clutches were worth appreciation.

# Pam Hogg


Her models looked like sugar cotton wools. Their bodysuits were made up of lots of frills and net. She presented her candy floss idea in numerous colors. The vibrant colors are undoubtedly pleasing to the eyes but cannot be worn outside of the Ramp unless you happen to be Lady Gaga’s ardent fan.

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