So, I have always been a fan of these charming little caps called beanies since I was a teen. Being a 90’s kid, I have always seen Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana wearing such and have been a fan of beanies since then. The way it wraps up your head on a wintry morning giving you warmth is certainly worth appreciating and guess what it makes you look good too.

The beanie trend states back to the time of Medieval England when the farmers and sailors were supposed to wear these knitted caps so as to protect themselves from the sheer cold at work. They have now become a wardrobe staple for celebrities as well. Okay honestly, I am a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, in my opinion, she makes things look good, she followed the beanie trend as well and opted for a grey printed one. She looked absolutely casual and cute at the same time.

Here are some types of beanies for you to make a choice from.

Animal Beanies

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Are you a great fan of the Jungle Book? Do you want to become a Panda or a Rabbit, then dear! you may undoubtedly opt for this one? These are super comfortable and would make you look cuter than usual.

The Pom Pom Beanies

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They look really pretty with a pair of sneakers and ripped jeans. If you are planning out a lunch date with your beau or perhaps are going for a road trip on a snowy Sunday morning, a beanie with a pom-pom is your best buy.

The cuffed beanies

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These are called cuffed beanies because they fit you perfectly. The whole surface of the head is caught up and kept warm underneath the beautiful knit cap. If you are not so much into the funky stuff, this one is the best option for you.

Beanie with ears

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Buying beanies for yourself are all about being stylish and nostalgic, this kind of beanie falls under the animal beanie category. Believe it or not, girls are totally gaga over these kinds of hep accessories.

Brimmed beanies

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These beanies have stayed in trend for a long time now, in brief, these ones just resemble a baseball cap. Although they look elegant on both women and men, they are things like the fabric of the beanie that should be taken care of. You can perhaps wear them in a formal environment too.

Ear flap Beanies

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So you do not have long hair and desperately want to flaunt your braids? No worries, here is a solution. Opt for ear flap beanies and there you go. Guess what? It comes with an added advantage of playing with them whenever you feel like.

Some things that you should definitely keep in mind while wearing a beanie.

You should probably match the color of your beanie with your formal suit.

Always opt for fabrics that are thick enough to keep you warm.

Wear a beanie that fits you aptly.

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