Controversial film ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’s international nude trip contest has received a mind-boggling response, with more than 100K already having registered for it, in merely 10 days.

“The main theme of the film, ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ is the dark side that’s hidden inside us, that animal instinct which comes out in certain situations. The theme of the contest is also along similar lines, to explore the dark side, but in a sexual way. When this dark side is geared up, no moral policing can make any difference to their thoughts. Our contest triggered this dark side among people, which has been proved by its outstanding response,” said Rajkumar Hindusthani, the producer-director of the film.

The contest gives lucky winners an opportunity to visit a picturesque island resort in Jamaica, Caribbean Islands, which is well-known for nude men and women roaming around freely and enjoying themselves. More than 100K have registered for this contest, which the makers term as a ‘sexy opportunity’ and the numbers are going to hike in the next few days.

A shocking revelation of the registered users data is that 30% of the users are women from the cities of Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. “This shows that not just men, but women too seek to explore the wild side of themselves. Some of the women said that they wanted to take revenge on husband, while the young girls said such a trip would be a cool and liberating experience.”

He added, “This also proves that sex and nudity are longer a taboo in our society. The moral brigade will definitely see red over our contest and our film, but we are not worried about them. We’ve made a sensational film and so we want to give a sensational experience to people with our contest.”

The trailer launch event in Mumbai was such a success that the high-octane trailer and the news of the controversial contest spread like wild fire. Another promotional event in Delhi witnessed a similar response where media and viewers were eager to know more about the movie and the contest.

‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ is an edge-of-the-seat thriller depicting violence, brutality, fear and sensuality.

The film is directed and produced by Hindusthani under the banner Fyeo Media Works.

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