DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Results: All the eligible applicants shall be considered for allotment through a computerized draw based on random number technique. The draw shall be held in the presence of independent observers. The draw for the Aawasiya Yojana 2017 or Housing Scheme 2017 will be web-streamed. Get here the complete process of DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Results.

DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Draw result will be announced soon.

DDA Housing Scheme 2017 Results

The results of the draw shall be displayed on the Notice Board of DOA at Vikas Sadan, D-Block, INA New Delhi-110 023. In addition, the result shall be displayed on DDA’s website with the address www.dda.org.in and will also be published in leading national Newspapers. Direct link to check result will also be posted here as per official announcement.

  • Link will be available to check the Result here soon.

The demand-cum-allotment letters will be dispatched to the successful allotees by Registered/Speed Post at the address given by the applicant in the Application Form.
However, it shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to check the result of the draw. DOA would not be responsible for delay/non-receipt of the demand-cum-allotment letter by applicant/allotee.

A separate wait list of applicants equal to 5% of total flats on offer, will also be declared in order of priority. The waiting list will be valid only for 10 months from the date of issue of demand letters to successful applicants. The application money of wait-listed applicants shall be refunded along with unsuccessful applicants. However, before going for the draw in case the same takes place for allotting the surrendered/ cancelled flats, all such eligible wait-listed applicants shall be asked to deposit the Application Money. 15 days’ time shall be given to them to do so and only those names shall be included who have deposited their Application Money prior to the draw. A draw will be held only once after 8 months from the date of issue of demand letters for allotment of the surrendered flats to the wait listed applicants as per the priority decided initially. Only those flats which are surrendered within 6 months from the date of issue of demand letters would be included for allotment to the wait-listed registrants. The waiting list is created just to ensure that the surrendered flats (if any) are allotted to the applicants of the same scheme rather than keeping them vacant and the list will be valid for 10 months, and, hence it doesn’t create any right of the wait listed applicants if they fail to get a flat from the surrendered ones. If successful, the cost would be the cost of the flat on the date the demand-cum-allotment letter is issued.

Status of Allottee

All allotments shall be made on Free Hold basis. However, the title shall be transferred only when the Conveyance Deed is executed in favour of the allotee and is registered
in the office of Sub-Registrar, GNCTD.

Interest on Application Money

  • In case of successful applicants, no interest will be paid if the draw is held within three months from the last date of closure of the Yojana.
  • In case of unsuccessful applicants, no interest will be paid, if the amount is refunded within one month (30 days) from the date of draw.
  • In respect of unsuccessful applicants, in case Application Money is not refunded within one month (30 days) from the date of draw, simple interest@ 8% p.a. will be paid on the Application Money for the period beyond one month (30 days) after the date of draw, up to the last date of the preceding month in which refund is made.
  • Unsuccessful applicants not getting refund within 30 days after the date of draw are advised to contact the Nodal Branch of the designated Bank in which application was
    submitted. Since, Banks will refund the Application Money through “ONLINE” mode only, interest will not be payable if the applicant had written wrong Account No. or IFSC code or Bank details in the Application Form against Column No. 5 where the refund is to be made.

Refund to Unsuccessful Applicants

For getting refund, the applicant has to clearly mention his/her Bank Account number and the IFSC Code etc. against Column No. 5 of the Application Form for refund of application money which will be made through “ONLINE” mode. In case, the application is in joint name, refund will be made in the name of the first applicant only and therefore, only his/her Bank Account No. should be given in the Application Form. The Bank Account should not be an NRE Account.

Note: In case the Application Money has been paid from the Account of the Firm/Company, etc. of the applicant, still for the purpose of refund, the applicant’s bank details have to be provided. In case of mismatch of account number, IFSC Code, payee’s name, the bank would not be in a position to refund the Application Money through ONLINE mode. In order to avoid such a situation, the applicant is advised to recheck the bank details before submitting the Application Form.

DOA will refund the “Application Money” through the Nodal Branch of the Designated Banks as indicated in the Brochure where the applicant had submitted the Application Form by adopting “ONLINE” mode only.

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