Dear Dad is a Hindi Bollywood movie which is directed by Tanuj Bhramar. As the name depicts, it is a father-child movie. It was released on 13th May 2016.

Dear Dad focuses on the father-son relationship. The theme of the movie is to examine the family relations and importance of love and acceptance. Audience has received it well, and there are overall positive reviews on the sensitive topic of homosexuality that it has explored.

Dear Dad Rating – 2.5 / 5

Our rating for the movie is two and a half stars. I feel this movie must for every father and son. So read the reasons why every father and son should watch it.

In 1989, a movie named ‘Daddy’ was released that was based on father and daughter relationship. But this movie deals with father and son relation. But the essence of the movie is same. In Daddy movie, the father was an addict and her daughter saves him with unconditional love and in this movie, father is homosexual and how his son reacts on this is shown in the movie and the victory of unconditional love is shown. So in this movie, the director is not just sharing about teenage problems but also about some real hard hitting issues.

It is heartening to see Bollywood coming up with serious movies based on homosexuality. Recently, Aligarh and Kapoors and sons were released which have also presented various facets of how homosexuality is dealt with in two different scenarios. Dear Dad takes another step by bringing it closer to home – What would you do if your father tells you he is homosexual?

It this movie, at the end, the acceptance of homosexuality of father by son shows that family relation and love is above made up societal norms.

This movie teaches much needed acceptance. We normally don’t care if our neighbor is homosexual but what if your own father or family member is homosexual and this is what the movie tried to capture.

The other theme of the movie is unconditional love. It teaches that rather than getting embarrassed by a situation, one should keep an open mind and keep the love alive without worrying about petty things.

With this movie, Arvind Swamy, Roja movie fame actor, is coming back to Hindi movies. Before this, the Hindi movie in which he acted was ‘Saat Rang Ke Sapne’ in 1998. He has played the role of father very nicely in movie.

In one sequence, it was shown that the son thought that homosexuality is a disease which a Bengali Baba can cure with his bhabhuti. Light heartedly, a point was put across by negating his misconceptions.

It is a good attempt by Tanuj Bhramar, director of the movie, to share this sensitive issue from a different perspective.

This movie also teaches that why it important to say the truth to your child. Love and acceptance come with truth not by hiding the truth.

This movie is perfect for a father and a son to watch together. This may look awkward to many conservative families. But hiding or ignoring a truth can only spoil lives. Only sharing and accepting it is a key to unconditional love and good relationships.

Dear Dad Movie Trailer

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