The Delhi Government would soon authorize Educational Institutions in the capital city with the power to issue learner’s license to students. Among those who seek to have a learner’s license which is essential to get a permanent driving license, most of the applicants belong to the young age group of 18-24-year-olds. The proposal for this move is currently reviewed by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia.

According to the Transport Minister Mr. Kailash Gahlot, the system to allow colleges to issue Learner’s licenses might be implemented by the month of September. He further said that over 53% of the applicants for learner’s license in 2016 were under the age group of 18-24. In such a case, empowering colleges to issue these licenses would only reduce the clutter in the 13 MLO’s located in Delhi and also make the process more convenient for the students. However, this system won’t be implemented to all colleges in the Capital immediately.

Starting from September, the project would first get started in the Government Polytechnic Colleges, following which seven colleges under the Government and 88 colleges under the Delhi University will be a part of this project. This would be probably the first time that the power to issue learner’s license is given to an authority other than the MLO’s in Delhi.

The learner’s license test would be held the normal way in colleges through the answering of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the computer. The tests would be allowed to be taken in both English and Hindi Languages. A candidate is considered to have passed the learner’s license test if he/she correctly answers 6 out the total 10 questions asked, after which they can apply for a Permanent License from an MLO after a period of 1 month.

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