Top Devotional Holi Songs 2022 include Holi Khelein Raghuveera from Bahgbaan, Shyam Holi Khelne Aya and various other tracks that infuse that feeling of spirituality into your heart. Holi is going to be celebrated on the 18th March 2022 so prepare the pen drive or C.D. of your favorite Holi Devotional Song 2022 before the onset of the Holi season. The Holi Bhakti Songs create an aura of a positive vibe and reminiscence of Krishna and Radha doing the Raas and hence Radha Krishna Holi Songs remain the most popular and are downloaded in MP3 format. Our favorite definitely is the Brij Ki Holi Song. The Top Devotional Holi Songs 2022 include Brij Songs in Telegu, Bhojpuri as well as in Hindi. 

Sunie Top Pawan Singh Holi Songs 2022 is Holi par.

Holi is about the victory of good over evil which people symbolize by ‘Holika Dahan’ or burning of Holika – the evil sister of the demon king. Due to this Holi became symbolic with celebration, dancing, music, and colors. People connect Holi with Lord Krishna and her beloved Radha. Many devotional songs on Holi describe the nature of Lord Krishna or about the love that Radha – Krishna shared, which is completely delightful.

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Here is a list of some of the exceptional devotional songs that are sung by some mesmerizing voices.

Top Devotional Holi Songs 2022

Shyam Holi Khelne Aaya

This song is sung by Anjali Jain describing a cute moment between Radha – Krishna on the of Holi. Her voice is soulful and has touched the hearts of many devotees.

Holi aye re kanhai (होली आई रे )

This is a timeless Holi song from the movie ‘mother India’, a showcase of incredible dancing by Kumkum and other major actors of the movie. The collaboration of singer Shamshad Begum and music given by Naushad and lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni makes this an evergreen Holi song liked by everyone.   

Are ja re hat nathkhat

This song is from the movie navrang released in 1959 sung by eminent singers Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor and music by C Ramchandra. You can find this iconic song of Holi on everyone’s playlist. You will enjoy watching the video of this song as Sandhya on whom this song is picturized did a commendable job in multitasking.

Holi khelat nandlal biraj mein

The song is sung by Ira Majumdar and many others, music by Anil Biswas and lyrics by Dashrath Lal. This generic Holi song is an incredible example of folk song. The music is lively and picturized beautifully in a rural setting.

Holi Khele Mahadev

This one is a Bhojpuri Devotional Holi Song which is completely dedicated to the Lord Mahadev and Goddess Parvati. Out of all the Bhojpuri Bhakti Geet, this song has a beats to dance on.

Chhodo kanha main Tumse

This devotional song is sung by Anjali Jain describing the love-hate relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha. You will love the melodious voice of the singer with other people singing the chorus.

Barsane Mein Holi

This devotional song is sung by Kailash Anuj and Piyusha Anuj mentioning the place Barsane which is believed to be the birthplace of Radha, Krishna’s favorite Gopi. Barsane’s Holi is quite popular in India and people celebrate it by throwing color on each other and worshipping Radha – Krishna.

Radha Sakhi sang naache (राधा सखी संग नाचे ब्रज में)

This song is sung by the famous singer Anuradha Paudwal, unlike many bhakti songs the music of this song is fast and you can actually dance on it. It is a fun devotional song for all the devotees who love to dance.

Radha Dhund Rahi

The wordings of the song are really pure and so is the voice of the singer Tripti. You can give a nice Dandiya Performance on this song and truly devote it to Lord Krishna.

Hori Khele Pyaro Shyam

This one is a really sweet number and is perfect for your Holi party celebrations as well. Get into the Bhakti mode and dance to the beats of the Krishna- Radha song.

You will notice that in almost every devotional song Braj ki Holi has been referred. Braj is a place in Uttar Pradesh around Mathura- Vrindavan. It is believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence in Braj and therefore, this place has an important status in Hindu religion.The people of Braj are called brijwasi, people speak braj bhasha, Hindi language with a soft accent and worship Lord Krishna and Radha. People say that Radha – Krishna had spent their Childhood and adolescence in Braj and that’s why the festival Holi is celebrated on a vast scale. Braj Holi is the most famous all over World and often referred in devotional songs of Lord Krishna. 

Holi and Rangpanchami Date 2022 

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