I, you or perhaps everyone who has had a dog has tried to identify as to why do these puppers keep on licking their paws, I know this is kind of cute but is infectious for them as well. Imagine your dog has wounded his feet unfortunately and is walking and licking the wound after every few seconds. In my opinion, you should cover his lovely paws with pretty socks so that he stays away from any kind of infections outside.

Okay here’s another reason to don a pair of them, they look absolutely cute and charming which might alleviate your mood after an upsetting day at work.

I have tried making my dog wear a Tee 100 times now, but failed. These guys are just so resistant to fabrics and stuff. The solution here is to make them wear socks that stay throughout the day and prevent them from catching cold and infections. Remember, the fit of the socks should not be very tight or uncomfortable.

Here are some of the options that you can choose from.

RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks Paw Protection

Available for $10 at Amazon, these are made up of soft cotton which won’t irritate your pet’s skin. They prevent the dogs from sliding and hurting their legs while running by forming traction on the slippery indoor floor. The brand is recommended by reviewers and is worth the price.

Fou Dog Rubber Dipped socks

Available for $19.99, they are a perfect option for the winter months. The thicker sole protects your dog from feeling cold and shivery. The layer also protects the paws from dirt, snow, and heat. The best part about this product is that it stays on for a long period of time.

Posch Anti Slip Knit Socks for pets

Available for $9.95, they have a rocking appeal. The silicone provides extra protection with added up traction power. They are super cute and well made. A reviewer said that these have let his dog walk on their house’s hardwood floor confidently.

Jardin Winter Anti Slip Comfy Socks for pets

Available for $13.56, these are too beautiful to handle. Protect your dog’s tender paws with the help of these warm socks. They are anti-slip and will, of course, keep his paws clean from all the dust and dirt throughout the day.

Non-Slip Outdoor Dog Socks

If your pet is an Olympic runner, then this is perhaps the best option for you. The sole prevents his paws from being slippery and dirty. Available for $12.99, these are highly recommended by reviewers for senior dogs and the ones with weak bones. The traction power of the product is very good.

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