I have a dog named Noddy. He is a cute Labra, and is the reason why our home is always filling with love and outburst of cuteness. From wagging of tail to wet noses, everything is just adorable about him. He has been a constant in my life since the day one. Now, he is 4 years old but never have been a day when I have reached back home and not found him at the doorsteps waiting for me. Well, Noddy is my love but this is not the only reason why I am head over heels for him. Dogs in general are the best and there is no denying to it.

Dogs look at you as their best friends. They protect your house, your loved ones and everything that you own. That’s hell lot of work! laughs out loud. Scientifically when humans and dogs look into each others eyes, both get a boost of the feel-good hormone Oxytocin, which is the same hormone behind the special bond parent’s and their babies share.

Buddies, you must have already heard about how loyal dogs are. In addition to this, they are also patient, fearless, forgiving and capable of pure love. I do understand that training a puppy is challenging as they are energetic and love getting into a trouble as soon as they grow up they become mellow and loyal. So have patience if you are new to the dog world.

In this piece of writing I would just like to focus on how amazing these creatures are and not highlight the human cruelty. Yet, if you ever come across something unjust happening to them. Please try and help them and not ignore.

If you are still not convinced let me give you some more reasons on why should you own a dog.

Love, love and more love

No matter how bothersome you are to anybody, your dog will always love you keeping aside all the flaws.

Work out partner

The perfect exercise for you is to go on a long walk with your four legged buddies to keep him and yourself healthy. Even 3O minutes running with him will prove wonders for you.

Stew lovers

They do not care about your dish is salty or overcooked, they will love eating the stuff you feed them.

Your defender

All his life, he will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.

No status apologies

A dog doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, funny or dull, smart or stupid just give them your heart and they will give you theirs.

Best friend forever

All great friendships start with a paw -shake. Reach out.

The lost and found machine

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The sniffer in your house has some kind of instincts that help him to find lost things and the biscuit box.

Great teacher

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Dogs can perhaps teach you more empathy, kindness, compassion and a zeal for life.

Something more than love

Research shows that dogs are able to warn people with seizures hours before even it happens. When properly trained, a dog can alert a diabetic, sense out cancer cells and these four leggeds can also sense natural disasters and earthquakes.

One of the most significant things you should keep in mind is if you plan to get yourself a dog, please do not buy them instead adopt one.

Please lend love and care, I am damn sure you are not going to regret your decision ever in life.

The feeling of a dog with his head on my lap helps me a lot when I feel like crap.

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