Donald Trump – a man that you must’ve heard of, even if you aren’t the biggest fan of American politics because Trump isn’t the traditional politician that we could know and understand; he’s different.

After Barack Obama, Donald Trump is the POTUS.

He is hard to understand and his life isn’t the most usual one. He has had his share of success, failure – even bankruptcy, controversies and now in the arena of politics, he is taking on the passing Secretary Of State in Hillary Clinton, a well-established political leader and lawyer by professional and even someone as experienced as her has found it hard at times to be answerable to the blunt style of Trump.

The early days

Donald Trump was born into a family of business man and therefore his story doesn’t reflect the success of the common man from bottom to the top but it nevertheless doesn’t also take away from the fact that the business empire that he has built from where he started is his and his success alone, to which has been contributions of a long tradition of businesses in his family.

Born on June 14, 1946 – Trump is recalled by his childhood colleagues as somewhat of a bully but a bright student, who attained degree in Economics from prestigious Wharton school.

The real estate business

Trump came into the world of real estate business even before completing his graduation from Warton, being actively participant in his father’s company called “Elizabeth Trump and Sons”, in which Trump’s role was massive for his young age – he has even mentioned that by the time that he graduated from college, he was already worth $200,000.

In one of the early signs of becoming a big name in the show business, Trump invested in the 1969 Broadway comedy “Paris is Out”, which didn’t work and ended up in losses for Donald Trump.

Bankruptcy and rise of the Trump Empire

Trump has been a figure of wealth and rich life style for many across the world but it’s little noted that he has often faced bankruptcy during times of apparent success. He has even though never personally filed for bankruptcy but many of his businesses have often run short of revenue as opposed to expenditure, resulting in closing. From 1991 to 2009, 6 of his businesses ranging from casinos to hotels were shut due to bankruptcy.

As of 2016, Trump’s wealth by Forbes has been reported to be $3.7 billion, which makes him one of America’s all-time richest politicians. He is currently 324th on the list of world’s richest businessman and 156th in ranking of America’s richest businessman.

Reality shows and Political career

Trump has also stepped into the world of reality tv and has gained substantial popularity for the same. In 2003, Trump was part of NBC’s reality tv show “The Apprentice”, his catchphrase “you’re fired” was so popular that he even filed a trademark for the same. Trump charged $50,000 per episode, which due to success of the show later became $1 million per episode.

The next step for Trump, being President Trump

After success in distinct fields of life, Trump has stepped into the political arena and poised as Republican Party’s candidate for the post of America’s next President. Trump’s opponent was Democrat’s party’s nominee in Hillary Clinton.

Even though Trump was trailing Hillary by 12 points after the 3 debates that were key to determine America’s choice for next President, he went on to take office as president.

It is worth to add that while Trump has had his share of ups and downs and praises and controversies – he’s someone that you can either hate or love, but you can’t ignore. That’s  Mr.Donald Trump life story for you, the story of America’s next President.

Contributor:- Aditya Jha

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