So gyming is your dope and you still do not want to do it because of the scorching heat outside? Do not want to go all the way towards the car and leave your overly chilled air-conditioned room. No problem, there is always an easy solution to the day time gyming. Well, you can choose a late evening or early morning slot for your gym class and if you are still feeling lazy to get up and leave then we have some other alternatives for you as well.

Long back, I had this friend who used to leave his gym class during summers and used to just use his cycling machine in the comfort of his room. Now, you will say that going to the AC gym and doing machine exercises in your room is the same thing but no it is not. Why? Because there is some distance that has to be accomplished from your home to the gym which people do not want to pass because of the heat outside. They don’t want to tackle the summer loo and reach out. So, the best thing! Work out at home.

Here are some things that can you can take up if you don’t want to hit the gym during summers.

Play with your dog

You can invest some time in playing with your dog which does not include cuddling but some real running and playing. They are balls of energy and will play with you till you get tired. Consider following the activity for about an hour. It will be beneficial for both of you.

Dance session

This is the best cardio session you will ever do in life. Just put all loud music and play your favorite songs so that you can dance out with full enthusiasm. One advantage is that it will help you burn out calories and the other is that it will make you happier.

Group yoga

You can call your friends at your home every evening and each one can teach others their favorite yoga pose and then all of you can practice it and meditate together. This way you won’t feel bored and you will also learn new kind of yoga pose every day.

Take up challenges

If you feel demotivated about exercising someday, you can ask your friend to challenge you that he or she is fitter. You can then compete with each other through push up or dumbbell challenge and can make out who is the best. A challenge will always motivate a human being to do things.

Stair Stepping

If your home has floors, you can consider the stepping exercise and workout. All you need to do to do is climb up and down from the stairs for about 1 hour approx. with a 5 minutes break between 30 minutes each. It is a good exercise for your legs.

Try laughing

It is rightly said that being happy is the best medicine and it also makes your face muscles work at their best. Sit on your bed and try out the laughing exercise. Do this for every day and you will genuinely see a glow on your face.

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