Holi Hai– the first ever joyful festival of the season- Holi, is gushing and coming in, where preparations for the same is in rounds from now! The multi-ethnic festival is well cherished by almost all as the colors expel happy vibes among all. However, styling for the festival is a herculean task. The Dress for Holi varies to occasion by occasion. For instance, if you are heading to a non-messy Holi party, you will be wearing the Traditional Holi Clothes or you can buy a White Holi Dress Online for a messy get together which involves colors and water. Solve your doubt about what to wear to a colour festival and choose your favorite Dress for Holi from below. 

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Dressing in par means apt styling with fewer efforts as most of us will be adorned with colors, faces smeared with Gulals and clothes decked with colors. The Holi festival will fall on the 18th March 2022 this time which is a Friday. Check out the whole History of Holi from here. 

Dress for Holi | What to wear for Men and Women

holi dress for a girl

The Dress for Holi can be anywhere from fancy to funky. Each of them should be carried by you, nicely. Here are some of the ways in which one can style him/herself. Traditionally,  the white kurtas- salvar kameez has always been an evergreen option over anything. However, to ultra your style, follow the tips, right. One can also save himself/herself from the toxic colors.

Here is how you can protect your skin from colors on Holi.

Choose the Fabric

dress for holi for women

Always prefer Cotton clothes over any other fabric in this festival. It is essentially well suited as cotton lets you retain your cool in the day of Holi. You can wear a comfortable, loose and vibrant colored cotton fabric that will preferably stay in fashion and comfortable. Even if one is drenched with colors and waters, your clothes won’t slouch. If you want to save yourself from the sun, the safest bet will be pairing a top or shirt with linen pants. For girls, a full sleeves Kurta and Palazzos will make a great pair.  

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Take a cue and groove!

dress for holi for men

Rake into the movies of Deepika Padukone and you will realize that her styling of Holi ranged from an ethnic diva in Ram-Leela to Funky girl in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Girls out there can pair sassy hot pants with a colored tank top, shirt or any loose fitted top. For guys out there, Remember Ranbir’s look in the same, checks shirt paired with jeans right. Funky and casually perfect. For modern ethnic look, The Shah Rukh’s look in Mohabbatein is truly evergreen? A short, loose-fitted white kurta paired with comfy-light blue jeans. This looks makes you look stylish as well as relaxed.

No Clingy and Skin Hugging Clothes

dress for holi for man and women

In this season of festival, Make dead sure you don’t wear anything clingy and skin-hugging as they tend to stick with the body, which gets irritating. Loose fitted are the new fad. Embrace a low key look by wearing any vibrant colored top/shirt with pants will look if infused well with the choice of colors, you will be choosing.  

Let’s Go Ethnic

If the call is for traditional ethnics over informal then some classic evergreen options should be considered to be paired with. Our all-time favorite track, “Rang Barse” featuring Rekha, gracefully carrying the white Chickankari long kurta with leggings never leaves the trend. If you want to take the look to the next level, team it up with a colorful Bandhni print dupatta!

Colorful Suits and Kurtas

dress for holi for women

If you are not heading to a messy Holi party, the one which does not involve any kind of colors or water, then women can opt to wear colorful suits and men can opt for wearing colorful Kurtas. Well, you should not be wearing white to parties like this because your dress wont be painted with colors and thus making you appear very bland.

White in Holi, acts as a canon and the multicolored Gulal may showcase a good portrait of colors on you by expelling positive vibes! You can sport a block/check print scarf or tie a dyed dupatta with any of the styles mentioned above. One can also tie a printed stole around your head so as to serve the fashion statement right and save your hair from the damage. This holiday, don’t shy away from waters and colors, open up your hearts and let the colors illuminate your soul. Go out and get drenched in the tranquility of vibrant colors. 

Holi and Rangpanchami Date 2022

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