We have grown up studying on blackboards, with piles of questions in our minds yearning for someone to solve them. Why wait? The education system is changing for better and has a whole new outlook. The fact that the traditional system has always been a part of our lives gives us a reason to always respect those chides of the teacher, chalks and blackboards and we always probably will.

Well, times have now changed! Technology has been updated and our generation has been blessed with a chance to get that amazing benefits from the changing attitudes of our education system. Edutech means a blend of education and technology.

Let us know why is the digital education system better and where is it going to head off in the future.

Engaging Content

Phones and Tablets have gained a large part of our lives, but instead of just entertaining us! They have proven to be a boon to all who want to take the help of it as the solution to their answers. For example, You can revise the periodic table no matter where you are.

The English language is ruling

The english language is and was the most preferred language in our country nowadays. For instance, any kind of content on the internet is presented in English language only.

You can always assess yourself

You can assess yourself even if you are travelling in a train or a bus. Solve questions and work on your grammar on the go just by the click of a button.

Edutech adds a silver lining to your resume

Some people actually learn new languages, study about professional courses virtually which eventually add up a dash of qualification to their resumes. For instance, if someone’s already employed and working somewhere and is learning a new language hand in hand, he or she will gain an edge over their counterparts by having such an impressive multitasking quality.

So, this is how digital technology helps. 

Aglasem.com to the rescue

Remember the agony we go through for asking our simple little doubts from a cranky teacher?

The heaps of money we spend on our tuition classes and also the amount of time we spend on begging our classmates for some useful notes. Guys! we got a solution .”AGLASEM” is the answer to all your queries. Not only for school goers but it is also a bliss for every person who wants to make something of his or her career. It provides you with a plethora of information regarding government examinations like U.P.S.C, P.S.C, DEFENCE, RAILWAYS, STAFF SELECTION, BANKING JOBS AND MANY MORE. It also briefs you up with all the important notifications, dates, answer keys, important links, and the cut-offs. “AGLASEM”, also runs a school-based category under which you find all the related information under the sub – topics like C.B.S.E, ISC/ ICSE, N.C.E.R.T, STATE BOARDS, OLYMPIADS, SCHOOL ADMISSIONS, NCERT Solutions. Certain mock tests are also available to give students an insight of their ongoing preparations.

A mind-blowing career test is also available for those who are unable to choose their paths.

While all this is a handful , it also consists of the forum section where students can get quick answers to their queries. The latest buzz regarding any of the above is also updated every day and posted for the student’s benefit. It is active on all the social platforms keeping in mind our tech-savvy generation. The last but not the least, their services are completely free of cost and are authentic. HAPPY TO HELP.

Do let us know what you think about the digitalization of Indian education system?

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