Okay! So I am in a really bad mood today, walking through the office building yesterday, I became a prey of around a bunch of mosquitoes. I wonder from where do these guys come from. Another experience goes on monotonously on every Saturday. The building guy sprays a lot of anti-pest sprays all over and being an asthma patient I go all a cough cough. Thus, I am here with some solutions for people like me.

Soybean Oil

Just run your eyes around the shelves of your kitchen and yeah spot out the bottle of soybean oil for yourself, take some in hand and just put it on wherever you feel it is required. This potion will help you guard against particular species of mosquitos.


Make it a point to have a petal of Garlic after bathing in the morning. Like us humans, even mosquitos fail to stand the whiff of the overwhelmingly beautiful Garlic. It will not only help you to get rid of mosquitos but will also help you combat other illnesses.

The Cinnamon Spray

Fetch up some Cinnamon Oil from the kitchen and mix some of it in water. Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle and just use it as a perfume on your body. It is definitely going to keep these guys at bay.

Tea tree oil

You can find this one at any quality store near you. It’s a humble request to all of you to never rely on street products and always use a trustable brand for such purposes. The tea tree oil can be put on gently on the areas exposed before heading out of your home.

The Neem Oil

The neem is proven to have a bunch of antibacterial benefits and this is one of them. You can take up some virgin leaves from the neem tree itself. Crush them and dilute them in water. Just grind them gently and the potion will be ready. Just apply onto the skin area exposed.

The Geraniol Candles

The aroma of these candles will protect your home from these Mosquitos and also will help in decorating your room and lobby. The Geraniol infused candles can prove to be very very effective and also are long-lasting. Buy from Amazon for $10.

Plant essentials

Planting more plants and maintaining the garden do you and the environment more good than you can imagine. Basil, Lavender, and Catnip plants prevent the mosquitos from breeding at the particular area a lot.

Mosquito nets

If you are not very interested in following these DIY methods, you can also try out this cliche way of keeping mosquitoes at bay. The limitation to a Mosquito net is that it justs works for the night time. Buy it from Amazon for $ 20.97.

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