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With the article, we will learn about many things related to the bolt tensioner. What are the different types of bolt tensioners? And what is the Working of the bolt tensioner? Generally, bolt tensioner is a tool that helps in making the tight and loosening of the loads. Let’s discuss all the items related to the bolt tensioner below:

What does the term bolt tensioner stand for?

The term ‘Bolt tensioner’ refers to a tool that tightens the bolts. It is a tool that does tightening and loosening of tools. Such a tool does not work along with the torque, as it works separately. The loss in the fraction will result in non-uniform tensions. 

This bolt tensioner is conducted with the nut & bolt. The Working of the bolt tensioner is very easy. The main jack gets it pulled in against the bolted joint and pulls the bolt in the end. The force gets applied to a particular area, and after it gets relaxed.

Elements of bolt tensioning tool:

For the tightening of the things, the bolt tensioning tool is made of a mixture of elements. Here we will discuss all the elements from which the bolt tensioning tool is made. LIKE bolt & nut, puller, cylinder are the types of parts that can work together to better position the things.

1. Socket:

The socket is a part that gets fixed with the hexagon inside the bridge. The element socket also contains the tommy bar holes, which will help avoid the drill holes needed.

2. Bridge:

The bridge helps in supporting the cylinder over the nut, socket, and bolt. There is a presence of a circular groove that helps in maintaining the socket in the bridge. The cut in the bridge allows the socket to the bar, turning the bolt.

3. Nut & Bolt:

The thread with the extra length is applied with the nut for the better applicability of the bolt tension. The bolt’s length plays a vital role in the bolt tensioner tool. Ensure that you are attaining a good and effective tool that makes things more accurate. There is no need for the washers while getting the applicability of the nut and bolt.

4. Puller:

The puller is the main thing that gets fitted to the bolt. There are edges present in the puller, which helps maintain its rotation. One can do the rotation of the puller with the help of his hand. And the bar holes, i.e., Tommy holes, do the tightening of the holes. It also performs its work by assisting location in the cylinder’s center. And later, it does the transfer of the force from the cylinder to the bolt tensioning.

5. Cylinder:

You can say that the cylinder is the hydraulic jack of the bolt tensioning. Mainly, the puller & bolt get passed through the cylinder. At the same time, the recess is presented in the cylinder’s base, which will accept the bridge. And for the connection of the puller, there are two self-sealing nipples.

Working of a bolt tensioner:

Mainly, the bolt tensioning works in a sophisticated way. The thing is not so much concerned about the bolt tensioning. But while choosing the bolt tensioner, you must look at all the necessary things. We can say that the bolt tensioning tool is a very different application that can perform its work. Here we will give you some major things you must look at while getting the bolt tensioner.

  • Diameter of a bolt.
  • Grade of the bolt.
  • Size of the bolt.
  • Load requirement of the bolt.
  • Washer thickness

Types of Bolt tensioners:

Mainly we are dealing with the following bolt tensioners. All the bolt tensioners are premium quality and give you the best results. Look at the types of bolt tensioners below:

1. Hydraulic Bolt tensioner:

The bolt tensioner works at a good level. It can also work in a small space. As it is very lightweight, it is very easy to carry the bolt tensioner. The body of the hydraulic bolt tensioner is made of steel. Order the hydraulic bolt tensioner of the maximum operating pressure of 1500 bar. 

2. Hydraulic Bolt tensioner for turbines (wind):

It is a bolt tensioner that does fit in the small space and comes with a steel body. It is a bolt tensioner that is mainly designed to increase or for stretching of the length. And it is mainly designed for heavy-duty.

Conclusion: The above shows that the bolt tensioner works at a different level. All the Working of the bolt tensioner will depend on the elements in it. Here we are dealing with the best bolt tensioner. All the bolt tensioners are made of premium quality and will work accurately. You will get a more durable tensioner that lasts long for a good period.

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