In a live Facebook chat, in March 2015 Emma said a really uplifting quote which was “Don’t let anyone tell you, what you can or cannot do or cannot achieve. Do not allow it”. Winning the title she completely justifies what she said. In my opinion, she portrayed the role of Hermione exceptionally making her relatable, mature and learned at the same time.

There are so many reasons to be more than a little obsessed her, especially for the fans who have grown up with the actress. One of the biggest reasons to love her is that she bought a Disney Princess to the big screen. Over the years, Watson has seemed to carry herself with an immense amount of grace and poise, not appearing edgy at all.

The list of hit movies in her kitty is immense and they are The Beauty and the Beast, The Harry Potter series, Your voice in my head, Ballet shoes, The Tale of Despereaux, My Week with Marilyn, The is the end , Regression , Noah , Colonia, The Perks of being a wallflower, Colonia, The Bling Ring and The Circle.

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Emma Watson is not of one those actresses who gained stardom in her childhood and took it for granted. She is not sassy women at all. She is both humble and kind. For years, Emma has been speaking about women’s rights, gender equality, and the environment. She is one of the brightest stars of Hollywood not only due to her talent but also her bubbly personality and modesty.

Here is a lineup of some inspirational steps in Emma’s life that we should all adhere to

Do what you believe in

She was seen depreciating herself in a speech at the U.N. telling people about how she was just an actress and had absolutely no chance of people listening to her. Despite all this, she did not stop about in conveying her message of gender equality.

Never follow the crowd

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Emma did not sign for the Harry Potter sequels immediately like Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. She took her own time in deciding the cast of her future.

Always complete your education

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When Emma was only 11 years old, she had earned ample amount of money she could live with all her life without any worries but she still decided to go on with her studies and also concluded with her graduation from Brown University.

Avoid pitfalls

After her success as Hermione, she has always avoided late night partying, drinking and has remained scandal free as a result. She continued to focus on her career instead.

Don’t listen to your critics

She was trolled immensely and was also threatened by her interest in women empowerment, but she absolutely refused to give up.

Standing up for rights

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She has participated in protests, given empowering speeches at the U.N and has also motivated other actors to take action in their own communities.

She is pretty as hell

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Emma is a complete powerhouse of beauty, strength , a diva and we cannot deny that.

All hail the beauty queen

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