Are you struggling with your Escape from Tarkov experience? Before you go and learn some of the best tips that will help you survive in this head-scratching game, there is one thing you should know – you are not alone. Every beginner player of this game has been in your position, and through grit and perseverance, they were able to become anywhere near competent enough to not die in the very first minute of the game. Luckily, you have an avenue not available to them, reading our guide on surviving in Escape from Tarkov.

Invest in Escape from Tarkov hacks

If you want, you can make your playing experience a lot easier and fun by investing in Undetected Escape from Tarkov hacks. There are many safe and affordable Escape from Tarkov hacks from reputed developers that you can take advantage of. But before you go and invest in any of them, it is crucial that you determine whether the hack is compatible with your play style or not. Also, whether or not using such a hack would get you banned from the game. Only after you have done your thorough research should you invest in any undetected Escape from Tarkov hacks.

Practice offline first

EFT is a game that is already challenging enough that would leave you often cursing yourself and your life choices. So, why would you want to be foolish and make the matter even worse for yourself? There is a practice mode for players to use and level up their skills. You can even use this practice mode to learn more about the maps, weapons, and, more importantly, the gameplay mechanism, which will surely come in handy in a live match. So, why would you ignore this gift from the heavens?

Focus more on the ammo than on the guns

If you have already played a couple of rounds, you already know that in x Escape from Tarkov Ammo > Guns. No, we are not giving you a mathematical equation to solve; it is straight-up facts that every Escape from Tarkov player should know. And if you have played just a couple of rounds in this game, you already know how true this statement is. Unlike the other FPS shooter games, the ammo is not unlimited in Escape from Tarkov. It makes them an expensive commodity that must always be a top concern for the players in the game. You cannot spend all your hard-earned cash buying top guns when you would not have anything left for the ammo. So, yes, Ammo > Guns.

Keep calm during the gameplay

Escape from Tarkov is not a game where you can go all guns blazing and hope for the best. It is something that should be obvious to anyone, mainly since the game is marketed as a survival game and not just another battle royale. This game is more tactical and analytical than you first thought of, and any strategy that you have employed with great success before would not work in this game. To succeed, you need to keep your patience, stay calm during the game, and make the most of the opportunity presented to you.

Get that loot ASAP

Shooting down an enemy and looting their body is pretty helpful in Escape from Tarkov. It is something that you should put at the very top of your priority. As a beginner, you would not get many chances to capitalize on the kills in this game, so make the most of it. And if lucky, you can get top-tier pieces of equipment from that downed player. Not to mention this would be a massive boost for your confidence as well.

Keep an eye on your inventory

If you look at your playing screen, you will find that no display shows how much ammo you have remaining with you. It is not a mistake by the developers, but it is by design. You need to keep in mind the number of ammo you have in your loadout, or you can manually check your inventory to know the exact number. Luckily, Escape from Tarkov allows players to set up a hotkey that they can assign however they like. Set one of those hotkeys as a way to know the count of your ammo. It would help you out in your gameplay tremendously.

As mentioned earlier, Escape from Tarkov is a challenging game, but that does not mean you cannot have fun playing it as well. By following the above-listed expert advice, you can not only survive for more than a minute but would even have a chance to succeed.

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