Facebook Security has yet again been compromised. Around 50 million user accounts have been hacked and breached in yet another attack.Mark Zuckerburg confirmed it in a report that the Facebook users were indeed attacked. The massive attack affected a lot of people and every user is awry about what data has been stolen from Facebook. The Facebook Data Security Breach was done by unknown hackers and the FBI have been deployed to look for the unknown hackers and all the compromised and other accounts have been reset as a precautionary step. Facebook’s recent security update confirms the news. Below are some steps to keep your account safe in future.

Here are some important things that you should know.

What data was stolen from Facebook?

  • The basic location, birth day date, hometown name, phone numbers and all the basic information that users upload in their profiles.

How to know if your fb data was stolen?

  • As of now, there is no way to know if your data has been stolen from the recent breach of the “View as feature” of Facebook.

How To find out if Facebook data was sold?

  • The Facebook does not sell your data to the third party app, but after the breach there has been no such reports about the whereabouts of the data.

What data has been taken from Facebook?

  • According to the recent reports, users demographic location, birth date and basic info on the profile has been breached.

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Following are some steps in which you can protect your Facebook Account from such breach in the near future.

1Keep Changing Your Passwords Regularly

how to keep your secure Facebook account safe

First things first, this is the easiest and the strongest way to keep your account safe. You should keep on changing your passwords on regular basis even if nothing has happened. This makes it easier for you to keep your account secure from such log ins.

2Think Before You Click

how to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers

Be it a cute puppy video link or any link for that matter, avoid clicking it if it hasn’t been sent by a trusted source. These links are mere spams that lead to hacking of the account and other unlawful activities.

3Log Out Of Every Known Device, Then Log In Back

how to secure facebook account from report

Since, the Facebook’s security has been compromised, you should log out of all the devices you have logged in. You can change your password and then log in again just to keep a check.

4If Possible, Do Not Use Facebook To Login Into Third Party Apps

how to secure facebook account with mobile

There are a heck number of third party applications that are linked with our Facebook accounts which makes them vulnerable whenever there is security compromise in Facebook. For instance, hackers can also access your Instagram account as it is always linked to the Facebook account.

5Restrict Location Services

how to secure Facebook account from hackers

You can restrict location and disable location services for your Facebook account so as to keep your account and whereabouts safe always.

6Do Not Share Any Personal Information

how to keep your facebook account secure from hackers

Although it is encrypted, the messaging feature should not be used for sharing anything personal such as bank details, pictures or any private stuff for that matter.

7Always Use Long Passwords

how to protect fb account from getting hacked

You should never use short and easy passwords for your Facebook accounts because they can be easily trespassed. Try to keep your account secure by keeping long and tough passwords.

8Do Not Share Personal Information With Third Party Apps

how to protect Facebook account from getting hacked

Sometimes, there is a quiz or a game that forces us to share with them the email id and name for instance. These are third party’s tricks to gain information, hence avoid sharing such.

9Use 2-Step Verification

how to secure my fb account from hackers

Always use the 2-step verification method for your Facebook account so as to ensure safety even if someone knows your password. With the use of this feature, the Facebook account will ask for your yet another code to log in.

10Delete Unwanted Applications

how to secure your facebook account from hackers

Always delete the unwanted third party apps that are present on the phone. Sometimes, these apps demand a lot of information and are also cause of vulnerability.

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