Father’s Day 2018 falls on the 17th of June this year and just like Mother’s Day 2018, we all want to celebrate it with pomp and show. The Father’s Day Celebration should not only be done one day as in you should not only love him just for one day but for all the 365 days a year. Did you know that International Father’s Day History describes that a daughter was the reason for the Origin of Father’s Day? How emotional is this as it is rightly said that fathers are more attached to their daughters. The Father’s Day 2018 is celebrated in UK, US, and India with a great amount of happiness, thus let us all make our father happy too.

It is rightly said that a daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge men. Yes, they are a daughter’s first love and no one can match his level of affection for his children ever in life. The most amazing place on the entire earth is his shoulder. The most epic thing about him is he will never ever show you his love directly but it will be present in every little thing he does for you.

Well, nowadays dads have begun showing their immense amount of love to their children but earlier on it was not the case. Dads somehow showed their love to the kids in the things they did. We do love our daddies a lot, they are the strong pillars who have always saved us from all the obstacles in life.

They are the ones who have never let a storm hit on us but have themselves stood as a blockage in front of it so that it doesn’t ever reach us. I mean that is the power of a daddy. He will go beyond every hurdle and bump to make you happy. We do care for our daddy and thus on the occasion of Father’s Day, we definitely want to say these 7 things to him.

Dad, please do not be tensed about my future

You have raised me so well so far, thus I know what is your place in my life. Hence, do not be tensed about me. I know how much labor you have gone through while raising me. I know what is the importance of hard work and I will make sure I give my 100%.

Stop sacrificing your wants and needs for me

When in childhood, we wanted to have that huge Barbie house or the car race set, he really ditched his want for new dress shoes and got us our toys so as to as bring smiles on our face. Looks like a dad’s second job is sacrificing for their kids.

Eat well and sleep well, daddy

We know how much hard work you do throughout the day thus it you should sleep and eat well when you come back home. Leave the professional tension aside and be the healthy daddy.

Sorry for all the rudeness

Intentionally or Unintentionally, we have all been rude to our father some time or the other. Thus, on the occasion of Father’s Day, it’s time to say sorry to him.

Daddy please obey traffic rules

We know how much of a great driver you are but it is also important to obey the traffic rules for your own safety because everyone is waiting for you at home.

Daddy, please laugh more often

Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine and thus tell your daddy to laugh out loud every day. It has numerous health benefits and will also create a positive atmosphere at home.

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And the last one, Thank you for holding my hand in the crowd of unknown people

We all have this habit of holding our dad’s hands whenever we felt scared and frightened of something. Sometimes, when we find ourselves vulnerable in the crowd of unknown people, we know whose hands to hold.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you.

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