I love the jet black hair look that Kylie Jenner proudly dons. It goes with almost everything and anything and makes you look out of this world. Kudos to those who are blessed with natural black hair.Black is the color of fall and looks sophisticated as hell. The hair trend that the Jenner clan follows is eventually black. Even our dear Khaleesi “ Emilia Clarke” has given up to the black color hairdo.


The hair color trends that are going to sway up this season are listed as follows.

Wine up

The red wine hair color in Ombre technique is really trending this season. It will also give you a Halloween look all around the year. The trick is to tie a ponytail and look smoking hot in the scorching red wine color.

The mahogany Hue

It’s a very glossy and natural looking color which is neither red nor brown in color. It’s a good choice for those who do not want to do up their hair to the extreme.

Dark chocolate

Favourite among the Hollywood stars, this one is a what the Hogwarts beauty also adheres to. Nobody can resist the sweet color just by the name of it. This color is going to suit people who have a yellowish or olive greenish complexion.

The global trend

I am not a very big fan of this one , but it has created a lot of hep in the Hollywood fraternity too. It is a very simple term which defines the technique of coloring your hair from the root to the end in the same color. The widely used one is blonde.

Icy Blonde

For all the Khaleesi fans ,  this is perhaps the perfect color to consider. It has also been carried out by the famous model and fashionista Cara Delevingne. This one looks best on girls with a blunt cut or bob cut.

The Mauve Trend

This one is truly a trendsetter. It has been doing rounds since the beginning of the year on Instagram. This color looks really Disney like and gives you a heavenly look.

Rainbow Look


For those who are helplessly fantastic and are “I go with the flow babes” can go for this look. In this technique, please assess that which kind of rainbow you are up for. The rainbow color looks best on fair complexion women.

Some things to remember before and after having a hair color.

# Always consider a very good beauty consultant for coloring your mane.

# Ensure that your salon uses quality products.

# The texture of your mane might get a little damaged, so try using a good shampoo and conditioner that your beauty consultant recommends.

# Think twice before selecting the hair color because it is going to dramatically change your look.

# Always apply sun protection sprays after the coloration.

# Always go for a temporary hair color and not a permanent one.

The color of the mane is not just a dye, its a state of mind so be careful with the selection of your hand-picked choice.

“Read heads are for those, who are brave enough to play with fire”.

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