Cross Fit is the fitness sport or program that is introduced by Greg Glassman. He was the first man to define the meaning of fitness. This is prompted as a physical exercise as well as a competitive fitness sport. Cross fit workout is a unique amalgamation of the elements from other workout techniques which include poly metrics, high – intensity interval training, power lifting and Olympic weight lifting. It is one of the lesser known sports but now gaining popularity among the fitness fans. Cross fit is the strength and conditioning program which consists of aerobic exercises. This program is designed to improve fitness and health.

Cross fit is the sport which consists of functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. The main objective of the cross fit is to forge a general, board and inclusive fitness supported by observable and measurable results. This program is designed for universal scalability. Cross fit is physically very demanding. It gives you a great body. Cross fit programming is decentralized but its methodology is used by thousands of private gyms.

Cross fit is the quite tough as it is physically demanding but it appeals to both men and women alike. This fitness program has numerous female athletes. Female cross fit athletes not only boast of their own fitness and brawn but also they look very hot with their toned body. It is quite tough to prepare the list of hottest female cross fit athletes as they are large in number, still we are enlisting the Hottest Females Cross Fit Athletes 2016.

Hottest Females Cross Fit Athletes 2016 – A list of top 10:

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is the renowned cross fit athlete. Before joining this sport, she was a dancer. She is famous for being in all the open workout demo videos. She has won the California regional and get the entry in the cross fit games.

Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara Sigmundsdottir is the beautiful blond from Iceland who had rocked the Meridian regional by defeating Games veteran Annie Thorisdottir. This 22 years old beauty spends a lot of time in a gym and her body is a testament to it. Apart from her strength, she is a damn hot girl with a friendly nature.

Nicole Capurso

Nicole Capurso is the former college basketball player and has a degree in exercise science. She has competed in the Atlantic cross fit regional and also took part in GRID league. This cross fit athlete is smart fit and hot. Her toned body and killer abs have turned many heads during the tournament.

Lauren fisher

Another renowned name in the list of Hottest Females Cross Fit Athletes 2016 is Lauren Fisher. She represented the USA in a junior world championship in Olympic weightlifting. Later on, she became the cross fit athlete. This spectacular hot beauty is the worldwide star and the role model for all girls out there.

Bjorn Odinsdottir

Bjorn Odinsdottir is the gorgeous beauty from Iceland and currently residing in Sweden. She is cross fit as well as the GRID athlete. She was a former gymnast and boasts both strength and grace. Apart from athletic career, her charming beauty has landed her a role in the popular gladiator show.

Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher is a strong and skilled cross fit athlete. She has been the part of cross fit games four times and ending on the podium twice. It was her passion and drive for this sport that won her a million fans. Julie is really hot and in the top position just like a cherry.

Stacie Tovar

Stacie Tovar is another beauty in the list of Hottest Females Cross Fit Athletes 2016. She is a piano player, a beautiful woman and a strong athlete. She is one of the regular faces during the games and has a huge fan following. Stacie is well – known for her strength and beauty.

Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir

Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir is one of the strong cross fit athletes. This beautiful blond is from Iceland and won the title in the current women’s cross fit championship. She is incredibly strong and skilled. She is a complete stunner and one of the hottest women on the earth.

Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Camille Leblanc Bazinet is the Canadian cross fit athlete. She was the winner in the 2014 cross fit games. She is probably the fittest woman on the earth. She is an accomplished weightlifting and qualified for the national championship in Canada. Apart from this, she is a rare beauty and has a huge male fan following.

Andrea Ager

The most renowned name in the list of Hottest Females Cross Fit Athletes 2016 is Andrea Ager. She is a GRID as well as the cross athlete. She is also a former track and field athlete. She is one of the most spectacular beauty and enjoys a huge social media following.

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