Football as a sport is about skill and speed with which you race across the field, beating the opposition as if they don’t even exist. A footballer knows that football often becomes an individual’s game for it’s usually the case that a Messi or a Ronaldo takes away the game away from the opposition by their majestic showcase of football skills seizing the all-important “goal”.

Football at the end of the day is about the team with the highest no. of goals after the end of allotted 90 minutes and in this list; we count down the top 10 goals in football’s all-time history, with emphasis on the popularity of the goal amongst today’s fans.

Marco Van Basten

In the year 1988, Basten’s popularity in the football world was on the rise and it was due to his phenomenal skills with a football that gave him the much deserved love from football fans. In 1988 EURO cup final, Basten’s skillful right-footed volley squeezed the match for Netherland with 2-0.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Football as we mentioned, is a game of immense skill and it takes sometimes something even par extraordinary to give your side a lead and that’s what Ibrahimovic provided in a match between Sweden vs England – an overhead kick from an approx. distance of 30-yards is by some still rated as one of the finest goals in football’s history.

Matthew Le Tissier

Juggle boy, juggle your way to success. Well, for Tissier the juggling worked wonders against Newcastle, with him juggling the ball past their defense and seizing the goal for his side Southampton – one of a rare goals of it’s kind.

Christiano Ronald

The Portuguese master is beloved by football fans for his style of play and the attitude with which he carries himself on the field – the same reflects in the way he plays the sport. Playing for Manchester, in the year 2009 – Ronaldo, hit a straight strike to the goal from a distance of 40 yards. We don’t know what the experts say but Ronaldo considers this as the best goal of his career.

Samuel Umtiti

Tottenham’s defender in Umtiti whole-heartedly deserves an applaud for his presence of mind and speed to secure this goal against Lyon. A mistake from Spurs defender in William Gallas was enough to give Umtiti the chance to free his legs and BINGO – GOAL.

David Beckham

Ever heard of Beckham? Nonsense, of course you have. Well, Beckham we know to be perhaps the most popular footballer of the last decade but do you know the goal which brought him into the limelight! It was his long shot from the half-way line, almost a perfect angle to beat the keeper of Wimbledon and hence came into the scene of international football was David Beckham.

Zinedine Zidane

He’s someone who football fans regard as one of the most gifted footballers of his generation and it was Zidane’s epic goal vs Bayer Leverkusen, coming off his weaker foot but still managing to result in a goal, talk about talent!

Rui Costa

The English football fans have had their fair share of disappointments but perhaps none as big as Rui Costa’s spirited goal running from the half-way line, crossing the England box and firing a right-footed strike into top corner.

Lionel Messi

In copa del rey final 2015, Messi showcased why he’s regarded as world’s finest footballer currently. Messi showed perfect skills to dribble the ball from the half-way, breaking through the defense of Athletic Bilbao and finishing with an apt strike beating the keeper – Barcelona 2-0 Athletic Bilbao.

Diego Maradona

Goals are always fun to see but there are a few things that makes a goal great – the situation, the occasion and the opposition; with Maradona the situation demanded something exceptional in an all-important match, the occasion was world cup and the opposition was a strong England team. The goal from Maradona has become a cult amongst the footie fans because of his individualistic brilliance with which he carried out the goal – squeezing past as many as 4 English players in front and of course the goal keeper, Maradona carried out the goal on his own from the half-way line and as much as we love long-shots, there’s nothing better than stepping in the lion’s den and THEN scoring the big one – GOAL. Funnily, the goal followed the infamous “hand of god” incident but we’re not complaining, Maradona – you GENIUS.

Got a favorite goal of your own? Tell us.

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