FIFA is international football association which takes care of all the international football tournament. FIFA world cup is biggest among it. Women football is blooming and FIFA  realized it and give women a chance to play and participate is world level football tournaments. FIFA feels that women football has a great scope to grow in near future, so FIFA promotes it worldwide by organizing major tournaments,  competitions, events, development programs and campaigns. FIFA is helping to popularize it among the general public. It supports female football financially and gives women player best coaches and facilities to grow in this game.

FIFA organized first Women’s World Cup tournament in 1991, almost 61 years after the first men world cup in 1930. Now there are 134 teams from 6 confederations which are associated with FIFA. The latest FIFA Women’s World Cup is played in the year 2015. It was hosted by Canada. There were 23 women football teams which have participated in this tournament. Before this, only 16 teams participated in 2011 Women’s Football World Cup.

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FIFA to promote women football introduces women’s football team ranking in 2003. The first ranking was published in March of the year 2003. It is a way to compare the strength of active international women football teams.

Where men’s football team ranking is published every month, the ranking of women’s football team published only four times in a year in the month of March, June, August, and December. The ranking schedule for 2016 is 25th March, 24th  June, 26th  August and 23th December.

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The women’s football team ranking published on 25th March 2016 is as following:

1 USA 2174
2 Germany 2117
3 France 2068
4 England 2033
5 Australia 2014
6 Sweden 1995
7 Japan 1983
8 Brazil 1975
9 Korea DPR 1952
10 Canada 1938

According to March 2016 ranking, USA women’s  football team is number one and Germany team is second. These two are very strong teams and always fight neck and neck for the first rank.

The criteria used to rank women’s football teams includes the following points:

  • The result of the match is defiantly the most important criteria for it.
  • The second criteria is that where the match has been played, home vs away or at the neutral ground.
  • The difference between women’s world ranking between the teams.
  • The last factor is the importance of the match.

These all criteria are taken into consideration while women’s football teams are ranked. The reason of this ranking is to promote women’s football game, give equal importance to men and women football teams, team’s assessment and team’s statistical analysis.

We hope that women’s football team get fame and name like men’s football team in near future.

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