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1. If you convince yourself that you need something, don’t buy it

One of the biggest financial mistakes is buying things without need. We often do this: we buy new clothes, a phone, or a computer, just to keep up with others and feel fashionable. But most of these things we don’t need.

When you need something, you realize it right away. If you have to convince yourself before you buy something, don’t take it.

2. Enjoy yourselves not with things, but with experiences

There will always be a newer, better phone model, so always spending on fleeting joy in the form of things is not worth it, the joy of their acquisition will soon pass. But if you please yourself with any trip, then it will be much more pleasant and these memories will always be with you.

3. Earn more and spend less

Many people start spending more after a pay raise. They buy an expensive car, travel more often, and eat in cafes. In the end, they don’t get richer but stay at about the same level of wealth. But if they earn more and spend less, there will be some money left over. You can put it in an account or invest it.

Think about how you could earn more: take on extra responsibilities at your current job, find a part-time job, do freelance work and get into remote payroll operations. Then think about how to spend less. For example, cook at home and go to cafes less often. Spend less on clothes. Sell your car and use public transportation. Do not chase fancy gadgets. Moreover, the use of public transport is much more environmentally friendly than driving a car, if the weather conditions allow it, you can ride a bike, it is useful and convenient, no need to stand in traffic jams.

4. Don’t look for perfection, but good enough

We always strive for perfection, we want to have the best of everything. But think about it, do you need the best car, the most powerful smartphone, or an apartment in the most respectable neighborhood? Maybe what you have now is enough?

Try not to use the phrase “the best” for a month. See how your attitude to shopping changes and how much money you save.

It is worth reconsidering your approach to spending money and weighing what you spend it on. sometimes the idea of buying the latest smartphone comes up because a friend bought the same one and you think, what am I worse? you should not chase friends and be as philistine as everyone else sometimes you can stop and make sure that the need for the latest smartphone does not. if you can call, write, then the phone fulfills its functions

5. Don’t buy many things from one category

Life is much easier if you have one phone, one computer, one pair of everyday shoes. In clothing, you can limit yourself to one type of pants, shirt, socks. You will make fewer decisions, be less stressed, and spend less money.

Look at your clothes and think about which 10% of them you use 90% of the time? Try to get rid of everything you don’t need. Sell, donate, or throw away unnecessary items. You will feel relieved and be able to devote more attention and energy to the important things.

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