Tiger Shroff in and as “A Flying Jatt” is flying, and how!

A Flying Jatt trailer has been released by Balaji Motion Pictures. With a length of 2 minutes and 49 seconds starts by showing Tiger Shroff taking small steps in discovering his superpowers. His bebe aka mother (apparently), played by Amrita Singh is seen urging him to do good things with his powers rather than just using it to woo girls.

Watch: A Flying Jatt Trailer

Earlier, in morning, Tiger Shroff tweeted “ape-check! Mask-check! Swag-Double Check! This Jatt is all set for #AFlyingJattTrailer at 2:30pm today! :)”.

A Flying Jatt Trailer: Frame by frame

There is a burning building from within which someone is screaming. Tiger Shroff kicks down a door and enters among burning flames to rescue a kid. He raises his hand heroically, and burns his fingers. There we have our first clue that this movie is not all about superhero antics, but is infused with comic quotient too.

He is next seen taking balls to his balls, getting kicked, and having a amusing crash landing while flying low. In background we hear his bebe saying he can fly but has fear of heights.

Tiger Shroff is reprimanded by his bebe for having cut his hair, and not even being a true Sardar. Moreover she asks him to do something worthwhile and not just using powers to impress girls. Clips from songs of A Flying Jatt are also included in trailer. Jacqueline Fernandez is his love interest in A Flying Jatt.

Taking inspiration from Bebe, he goes out to save world. He flies low, follows traffic rules while flying. This Jatt who kicks butt gets sprayed pepper spray in his eyes by an infuriated aunty, and is chased down by dogs. Can A Flying Jatt survive a beraham world?

While wooing Jacqueline, Tiger catches small time thieves and criminals. He is on a roll. Then rises super villain.

Kay Kay Menon is brains behind super villan played by Nathan Jones. Nathan Jones is one villain everyone is scared of. He has no respect for public property and is seen throwing around things and burning down everything.

A Flying Jatt works on using his powers and with practice and training faces Nathan Jones.

Last scene in A Flying Jatt trailer is quite hilarious. Tiger Shroff is cleaning cobwebs at home while news channels are blaring praises on his heroic deeds. Truly, even a superhero has to clean cobwebs at home.

Trailer of “A Flying Jatt” is a delight. You should watch it straight away!!

A Flying Jatt will release on 25 August 2016.

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